Monday Inspiration | Dec 29, 2014

Christmas is over and I can breathe again! It was a fun one, especially participating in my first Goody Goody Gift Swap and receiving some awesome gifts from my swap mate, Miranda Hopkins of Inner Circle Photography. We pretty much wrapped our gifts the same way, too! The best part, though, was watching Vee experience her first Christmas as a toddler. She tore thru wrapping paper, distracted herself with far too much packaging, and LOVED her mega bloks. That was a huge score for me because this will segue nicely into her love for legos. 🙂 I received some awesome gifts this year, too. My sister bought me tickets to see Bush (my 12-year-old self couldn’t be more excited!) and my cousin bought me Make and Give. So so so excited about this book and upping my DIY game while coupling it with my design knowledge. You can check out more of my Christmas on Iconosquare under #peetyxmas2014. The holiday ended with me feeling a bit under the weather but a weekend of sleep and meds has helped a lot and I’m almost back at 100%.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been plagued by this feeling of plateauing in my professional and personal work. One thing I realized while pouring my thoughts out to my husband was that Peety Draws needs to go thru some sort of renaissance. I’ve been searching for a way to feel invigorated with what I’m doing with Peety as of late and haven’t been able to muster up the courage to venture into anything new. After finally admitting that I’m stuck in a rut, I felt a lot better and am working on an outline that gives me short term (and doable) goals that hopefully will steer Peety Draws towards a more legit and professional presence. I really really hope I can keep up with this and hope you guys will stick around to see how it turns out!

One thing I know for sure is more blogging of projects I’m doing, thoughts in my head, and interviews of awesome creatives surrounding me every day! Until then, let’s get to it.

Inspiration time:


These kooky “holidays” called out in calendar form like this is awesome!

Are you familiar with Craig Frazier‘s work? You should be. Check out this video on the making of “Sketchy.”

Really good read on how Zen Pencils’ Gavin Aung.

Steve Zissou pattern on a t-shirt that I MUST own. What’s not to love?

Things you shouldn’t say to a graphic designer.

Seth Godin’s book is out. Buy one and he’s going to send you two because he wants you to share. My birthday is coming up in January if anyone is so inclined to send me a copy (or two).

And you thought you were paying attention

LOVE LOVE LOVE this campaign in Paris.

Hey, what color is it?

On repeat: Nick Jonas’ Jealous. Don’t judge me. It’s a fucking catchy song!


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