Tuesday Inspiration | January 13, 2015



I know, I know. I’m a little late in posting anything where 2015 resolutions are concerned but dammit, I drafted this post and I want to feel good about having gone thru with it – late or not.

I looked at my first post of 2014 and my resolutions. It’s funny – all of us make resolutions without knowing what the future of that year holds. In my case, the last few years have seen drastic and life-altering events, disrupting the completion of my resolutions and leading me to either adjust or drop ’em by the waist-side. I’ve become less and less hard on myself about this, though, because life happens! I can’t be upset at the depletion of our emergency fund when we need a new furnace or helping out loved ones who have lost their job or the unimaginable costs that come with raising a toddler. The important thing is – I took care of the things that needed to be taken care of and I wouldn’t change a thing. Realizing this, I’ve changed my resolution approach for this year. My husband and I are both referring to 2015 as the year of progress. For us, this means we will be more disciplined, our list of to-do items will get crossed off, patience and understanding will be our means of communication, and we will look at the glass half-full. I guess these still feel like resolutions but ones that I won’t give up in a month.

Another reason I went ahead with this post is because it’s the mood I’m in, too. Because my birthday falls on the 11th of January, I’m still coated in the residue of determining my goals for the upcoming year. So, while we all share in the ritual of furiously crossing off 2014, I’m doing the same with my age. I am 31 now and although still young, I feel like i’m getting into “more adult” phase, whatever that is. So far, 2015 has already kicked me in the rear but I am determined to move forward and look at the glass half-full. It’s working already. 🙂

I’ve got a lot of goodies to share so get comfy because we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Inspiration time:

I really love the artwork of Philippa Rice. I’m want her book, Soppy: a love story, too. How adorable?!

Have you guys listened to Serial? I binge listened to all the episodes last Tuesday and I am obsessed.

I watched Whiplash over the weekend and holy crap it’s so good! I will never look at J.K. Simmons the same way again. The editing was superb, the story-telling was tight, and acting was on-point. You guys have to go see this movie. Check out the trailer.

Blokkfont, for the clients who don’t understand latin.

Miriam Elia has a wonderful dark sense of humor and her series of children’s books are perfect.

Did you get a chance to read my review on Tim Burton’s Big Eyes? Check it out here.

I’m so late to this but I recently listened to Emma Watson’s HeForShe speech at the United Nations? Really inspiring and wonderfully eloquent.

These were Hypefortype’s 10 most popular fonts of 2014.

Eye on Design has had some wonderful things on their site. I love this illustrated quote from Saul Bass.

Get your flat shadow on!

Share your memories.

You have too much shit! Download a copy and send it to your favorite hoarder. 🙂

Finally, a “gift” to send my enemies. This is actually pretty genius.

Draw with emojis!

Become familiar with the work of Lisa Congdon. I follow her on Instagram and am in awe of how inspiring, colorful and fun her sketches are. So good.


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