Wednesday Inspiration | Jan 21, 2015

In a few days, I’ll be in Las Vegas to work a conference for my 9 – 5. I’ll be working some cuckoo hours so send some good vibes my way and hope that I’ll come back unscathed. As I’m writing this, I’m watching Gone Girl for the fifth time since this past Friday. SO good. My husband and I also watched the commentary by David Fincher – fascinating. If you’re into the making of movies and behind the scenes goods, this one does not disappoint. I’m haunted by Rosamund Pike’s performance. Those opening and closing scenes of just her face just send shivers down my spine. Also – how great is the score? Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross produce beyond what I can imagine to ever be considered a score. Their talent baffles me. Please listen to the fascinating score.

For the next few months, I’m trying to focus on smaller and attainable goals. One, to start and finish my Sketchbook Project for 2015 and to work on this blog. I really enjoy sharing my finds, thoughts and general miscellany but I haven’t been keeping up for quite some time. I have a different determination this time around so here’s hoping your inbox will have more updates on what’s going on around these parts.

Inspiration time:




The holidays are over but these holiday cards are absolutely the BEST! Really genius to swap out the ink colors for a variety of card options.

It’s the AMC Best Picture Showcase for 2015 where you can see all the films nominated for Best Picture for the Oscars in one sitting or two Saturdays.

8 million petals over Costa Rica looks just as beautiful as you would think.

Emojis as you type.

I don’t know why I’m always forgetting how to boil eggs. I’m glad Egg Watchers is around!

Yay! The 40 Days of Dating book is now available!

FINALLY. Bright Lab Lights are back in stock.

In love, in love, in love, with ICRAVE’s design space in NYC.

I need a subscription to 99U’s Quarterly. Their work always inspires me.

I never thought to use washi tape for wall projects. Maybe I need to invest in some awesome washi tape rather than wall paper.

I want all the wrapping papers. Check out this collection of the 50 most beautiful wrapping paper.

On repeat: Sugar Storm by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for Gone Girl’s soundtrack.


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