Monday Inspiration | Jan 26, 2015

Hello from Las Vegas! I am here working a conference put on by my 9-5. Send good vibes my way and hope I don’t crash from exhaustion! I’ve experienced quite a few emotions since my departure and arrival: frustration over lost luggage, sleepiness because of jet lag, sadness over leaving my husband and baby girl, anxiety over how crazy the next few days are going to be, and anticipation of keeping up with the demand of work. I really really miss my family, guys. As much as I love my evenings and weekend with my husband, I truly realize how much it means to me when I have to give it up – and I hate it. I’m counting down – three more sleeps until I return home. I can do this. Until then, check out #peetytravelsVegas on Instagram to follow my posts. It’s my first time in Vegas but I’m keeping things simple when it comes to sight-seeing, mainly because there won’t be much time since working hours are going to be kinda crazy. I want to see the Bellagio and Venetian. Anything outside of that, is a plus.

Alright friends, inspiration time:

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.51.48 PM

Check out this yummy colored Instagram account.

I’m loving the identity for Sonos.

Creating a mood with just lines. Really cool guide.

Such great tips for parents. I’m kinda proud that I’ve been doing some of these already!

Having trouble sticking to your morning routine? Check this out.

Love these posters by James Victore.

Devoting an entire day to admin tasks isn’t something I can do with a 9-5 but there are still a lot of good take-aways in this post from Jessica Hische.

Check out Art of the Title’s Top 10 Title Sequences of 2014.

Logo designs galore. Enjoy!

Mindy Kaling shares a bit on how she stays happy.

These are too beautiful to eat.

Gold and black business cards – these are exquisite.


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