A mini-Peety drawing minus “a day.”


These last few years, many of you have supported, followed, liked, and shared my mini-Peety drawings a day. The purpose was to take control of just a few minutes every day where I shared a drawing I did, devoid of anyone else’s input, contrary to my professional graphic designer life. Over the last year, I noticed a drop off in my continuity. It became a bit of a chore and I hated myself for missing days, weeks, or even months (especially when Vee was born), of drawings every day. This daily project became impossible, even though it only took just a few minutes of my time every day. But I love making something that is MINE and sharing it with everyone. So what’s wrong with me?!

I’ve talked about a potential renaissance for Peety Draws. I just didn’t know what it would be or how it would happen. So, without a solution, the mini-Peety drawings became something on my To-Do list that I just needed to cross off to feel good, a responsibility I couldn’t shed. I needed to find a way to be released from this guilty evasive goal. And then, it came to me: drop the “a day” from the daily posts to read “A mini-Peety drawing.” Period. Removing these two words allow me to post a daily drawing whenever I want – morning, weeknight, weekday – any time I wanted. And with that, I’m onto the next phase of Peety Draws. I’m not entirely sure what that will be but I’m already so much more relieved.


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