Tuesday Inspiration | Feb 3, 2015


I’m finally home! If you’ve been following me on Instagram with hashtag, #peetytravelsVegas, or read my latest Monday Inspiration post, you’ll know I was in Vegas last week for a conference put on by my job. I had to attend to provide additional help and support, design and otherwise. I’m happy to report I made it back in one piece and have vowed to try my hardest to keep from traveling without my family as much as possible. I’ve been with my husband for 13 years and this was the longest we’ve been apart EVER. Yes, you read that right, and it’s a fact I’m proud of. My husband is my best friend and we experience everything new together. This trip made me realize how important that is to me. And of course, I missed my little VeeVee! She was a little angel while I was gone but now, I’m making up for lost time. She’s been cuddling up extra with me ever since I got back and who am I to complain. 🙂 My jet lag is coupled with exhaustion so I can’t tell if I’ve acclimated to EST time, yet, or if I’m still recovering from being so tired.

That aside, I was able to do everything on my list that I wanted to do while in Vegas: visit the Bellagio and check out the fountain, see the gondolas in the Venetian, gamble for the first time, and get In-N-Out. Everything else I did (like eat the most delicious food) was a bonus. I did squeeze in some time to work on my Sketchbook Project and I really like the way it’s coming along. I’ll make sure to share a few pages here as I continue to work on it. I’ll more than likely post to Instagram first, so make sure you’re following me.

Inspiration time:


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Speaking of games, have you played Tampon Run, yet?

The 10 most important life lessons to master in your 30s.


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