Monday Inspiration | Feb 16, 2015

Ever since I came back from my work conference from Vegas, I’ve been struggling to feel normal. Jet lag + sick + sick baby = bad. On top of that, the weather has been stupid. The negative degrees and windchill have made it quite impossible to enjoy anything except for wanting to curl under the covers and sleeeeep. I cannot wait for the day until I can call sunny Cali my home. Until then, I’ll keep that dream alive in the depths of my brain, awaiting the day it will be my reality… and search for that childlike wonderment that eludes me whenever the forecast calls for S-N-O-W. I never thought I suffered from any kind of mood displacement during the winter but I have to say, with each passing year, my tolerance for cold is diminishing quickly.

Side note: have you guys been watching Girls? My husband is so much better at verbalizing and describing why it’s so good. All I can say is, omggivemeallthegirls.

Let’s warm ourselves next to the glow of this week’s Monday Inspiration:

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 11.13.36 PM

Doppleganger tee from Out of Print. I ordered this and can’t wait for it to arrive!


Love this card but let’s be real, inbox zero is the ultimate.

I love the raw artwork of Jean Jullien.

Create your own creature t-shirts! Love love love this idea.

I need to learn to give it five minutes.

This article about an “invisible girlfriend” led me to the site of the same name… weird.

Make your Instagram photos into temporary tattoos with Picattoo. Wahoo!

I’ve been spending time over at Miss Moss. I like her Desk Project and I Have This Thing with Floors Instagram account.

I should’ve bought this for my sister’s birthday! Blah!

Forget counting sheep to sleep – it’s all about the 4-7-8.

These floral wallpapers are sure to cure you of your winter blues!


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