Behind the mini-Peety Drawing: #2122


I’ve known for quite some time that the numbering of my mini-Peety drawings were flawed. I’ve lost track of what number drawing it is a number of time so sometimes I’ll sorta ballpark it or my favorite – confuse the order of the numbers if it’s multiple digits making me question whether or not I may have a mild form of dyslexia. Either way, the story behind this mini-Peety drawing is actually #2201, I believe, but for consistency’s sake and because it’s already posted, let’s go along with it being #2122. Geez, Jessica. Get it together!

So, this light that everyone talks about – I’ve been wondering whether I’m actively shielding my eyes from it or if I’m still waiting for it to reveal itself. I’m currently in a super comfortable zone where I FINALLY feel like I can handle it, things, life, family, lack of sleep… I can do it! But then… that damn light. When will it come? Am I just ignoring it?! What will I do when I finally see it – walk towards it or take a raincheck? Do I want to settle for comfortability? And if I do settle for immediate comfort, am I going to be able to peel myself from this warm cloak of comfort and walk to the light when I’m ready? Or will my mold be too perfect to give up? Too many questions. Not enough answers.

This drawing is about my struggle with the light. Some days I don’t care for it. Other days, I wish it would engulf me so I knew what I should be doing and where I should be headed. Until then, I guess I’ll still wait for it… or take off my blinders.


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