Behind the mini-Peety drawing: #2127

#2127Guilty as charged. Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” has caught me singing along, nodding my head, fist pumping in the air, belting the chorus at the top of my lungs, etc. I admit it. Let’s be clear though – this still doesn’t make me a Swift fan but I can admit when a song has sunk its claws into my brain.

For those of you familiar with the lyrics, in the chorus it sounds like she’s saying “starbucks lovers.” I couldn’t make out what any of the words were before that but I mumbled along and overly enunciated those two words to make up for it. But…Starbucks lovers? What does that mean? Does she intend to meet her next lover at Starbucks? Does she always meet them at Starbucks? Or is that just a crazy coincidence? Only after looking up the lyrics was this shroud of mystery cleared – she was saying “Got a long list of ex-lovers.” Makes more sense… but I still sing “Starbucks lovers” anyway. 🙂



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