Sketchbook Project 2015: lost identity

I participated in the Sketchbook Project 2015 and am so thrilled that I found the time to do it this year! I decided not to digitize the book and scanned the pages instead. I’ll share them on Facebook later at some point, maybe once the tour has actually begun. But for those without Facebook and not able to stop at a touring location, I wanted to share some of the spreads here and give some background on my inspiration. This year, I decided that my sketchbook would hold illustrations of all the words, phrases, mantras, etc., I needed to say to myself or to my husband that allowed us to vent, or gain some sort of sanity, or search for answers in this new chapter of lives called ‘parenthood.’ This is uncharted territory for both of us so whatever we could do or say to get thru each day of weakness or strength, we shared with one another.

One of the realizations we’re coming to terms with is our lost identity. Our lives have taken on a different meaning and we’re still searching for who we once were, pre-baby. There are times when I feel like myself: creative, productive, artistic, full of energy. Other days, I feel like a sleep-deprived dishwashing machine that’s a slave to the stove just cooking up a variety of foods that Vee will only shake her head to in disgust. But, every so often, I connect the dots to my new self and I feel whole. I savor those moments and strive for them every day.


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