Tuesday Inspiration | May 5, 2015

Well, hello there, stranger. It’s been a while. Two weeks to be exact. And I barely posted this week’s Monday Inspiration (now Tuesday Inspiration) because damn life keeps getting in the way! In this case, I was watching HBO’s Montage of Heck last night and it prevented me from hitting the send button. Did you guys watch it? I don’t think I saw anything in there that I didn’t know before but man, this movie is a time capsule and reminds of everything in my preteen/teen years. Really made me miss those times and that music.

I know summer is the time to relax, dip your toes by the pool, drown yourself in ice cream, and take naps on the beach, but I can’t help but want to try and learn something this summer. I want to teach myself to be better than just average in Photoshop. I want to learn a bit more about web and the lingo that surrounds it so I don’t feel like such an ass when someone related to my field engages me in conversation. I want to read a few books – that’s right – PLURAL. I want to learn a bit more about motion graphics because one day, I feel like that might be a path I’d like to follow. So… yeah. It’s going to be one craaaazy summer, friends. If you guys know of any good Photoshop or After Effects tutorials, please send them my way! I need to start building a library of resources.

And now, inspiration time:


I have really been loving the work of Mike Biskup on Instagram. It’s wonderful to see in progress work but check out his site for his finished pieces -really wonderful.

For those challenged by craft ideas for your children, check out Seedling, where you can purchase activity kits.

PDFs for everyone! Make everything into PDFs.

I really love reading #the100dayproject of @sadanimalfacts

CMYK earrings?! Yes, please!

I want this cocoon. Right. Now.

I know nothing about Ant-Man but I really really love the movie poster. I ❤ you negative space.

Every year, CalArts shares student work in their Character Animation Program. I love that they do this. There are some seriously talented people in the world.

Litographs, where you can wear your favorite book.

Seinfeld has gone the way of the stream, thanks to Hulu.

I ordered my first Chatbook. I love that it’s such an inexpensive way to print your Instagram feed!

I love the thought process and beauty of these birth announcements.


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