Tuesday Inspiration | May 12, 2015

We are heading into the middle of May, people! I don’t understand – how is it that we are approaching the halfway mark through this year? I feel like I’ve only just thawed out from the winter and here we are, on a 90 degree day in Washington, DC. May is always a busy month for me. There’s Mother’s Day gatherings, graduation dinners and parties, my dad’s birthday, my father-in-law’s birthday, Memorial Day… and that sun. Months without that precious Vitamin D are eagerly consumed by my need to be outdoors as much as possible, delaying that last load of laundry to be washed, floors to be vacuumed, and that bathroom to be cleaned. Who cares, the sun is shining! I’m excited for what the summer will be bring. I have one mission this summer so far: to buy a floppy hat. I can’t resist the lazy tilt and curves of its edges nestled on my head, teasing my hair. I’m not a hat person but I could be for a good floppy hat! Any tips on where I should buy one?

Vee is going thru a crazy love/hate phase with Goofy. I’ve been giving into it, too, buying her a plush Goofy doll and naturally, watching A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie on repeat. I don’t remember how I ended up watching A Goofy Movie when I was a little one because I’m not really into Goofy, to be honest. But the songs in that movie do not feel like your average Disney songs, let alone making Goofy tolerable. Who doesn’t love Powerline?! I’m happy to share in a favored childhood memory with Vee.

Inspiration time:


I love the simplicity of these birthday invitations. I was already toying around with the idea of an image of Vee as the envelope liner. I’m definitely taking inspiration for when Vee’s birthday rolls around.

Limited edition Moleskine Batman notebooks. Swoon (thanks for the link, Lhynette!)

Try to guess the kolor as fast as possible!

I’ve been reading this wonderful little corner of the internet called Coffee + Crumbs, a collaboration blog about motherhood and man, it rings so effn true to my life. So glad I found it!

Incredibles 2! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

Brand logos done with calligraphy. Amazing.

Every. Single. One. Is. True. Don’t say any of these to me or I will cut you.

60 logos in 60 days, each in 60 minutes. Cool exercise!

It’s like this book was written for me (check out some of the illustrations)…

…and this shirt was made for me.

On repeat: this clip and song from A Goofy Movie. I’ve seen it way too many times, I can’t keep track but each time, I stop for a little bit to sing and watch. ❤


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Inspiration | May 12, 2015

    How random is this: I have had that song (Stand Out) in my head all week long. That, and the theme from Titanic(?) and I have no idea why, but I catch myself singing them alternately throughout the day. So when I followed your comment on C+C back here (I’m on the hunt for good blogs lately), I laughed out loud when I saw that in your first post. Good.

    • High five, Suzy! There are lyrics in Stand Out delivered in such a way that you can’t help but want to sing and repeat in the same manner. I am taking part in #the100dayproject held by The Great Discontent on Instagram. My project is to draw 100 lyrics. I think today’s may just have to be Stand Out.

      So glad you followed me back to my blog! I really loved your piece on C+C and am following you, too, to read more. 🙂

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