Tuesday Inspiration | May 19, 2015

It’s Tuesday but it’s feels like a Thursday. Oh weekend. How I miss you so. Our little family has developed a routine for our weekends making my heart go pitter patter. The springtime is so much more enjoyable with a little one in tow. Watching the world thru Vee’s eyes is fascinating and really forces me to pay attention to things I usually take for granted. As much I love having her around, it’s also nice to have quality time with my husband sans toddler. We had a wonderful and sweet dinner with my best friend and her family and friends to celebrate her becoming a Nurse Practitioner over the weekend. Woo woo! We took the dinner as an opportunity to drop Vee off with her eagerly awaiting grandparents and have a night full of adult conversation, delicious noms and movies! Well… we attempted to watch movies. The additional upside of getting a break from Vee? Much needed sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

My weekend was wonderful but I was sad to end it with the finale of Mad Men… it’s over. I know many were ready to say good-bye to the show seasons ago but I fell in love with the characters, their lives, and storylines. They belonged in mine just as much as I was the voyeur in theirs. My Sunday nights are going to feel naked without the smoky haze of the Mad Men world. Speaking of television, I’m looking forward to the Starz series called Blunt Talk. Looks like a fun ride and exactly what my summer needs.

These last few weeks have been tough ones to get the Monday Inspiration out when it should but I’m glad you guys are still stopping by to get your inspiration dose. Here’s to next week!

Inspiration time:


I started following Mark Mann on Instagram and finally checked out his site. he really knows how to capture a mood and feeling of any person he’s shooting. Beautiful.

Okay, I started tearing up looking at all the captures on Moment Junkie.

I can’t wait to read this!

This interview of Jessica Walsh was a good read.

I want to go to there and sit with Don Draper.

I feel like I may have known many years ago that Heavy Metal Parking Lot was on YouTube but I was recently remembered that, Heavy Metal Parking Lot is on YouTube!

The second edition of Flaunt is out.

Within the next few weeks, I am going to be the proud owner of this awesome Ikea rug. I can’t wait!

Yes, yes, and more yes.

It’s all about perspective, literally. I can’t even imagine the type of planning this must have taken!

I tried my first chatbook and it was pretty cool. However, these little black photo books are just too delicious to pass up. I might have to make one… or a few… dozen.


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