Monday Inspiration | Jun 15, 2015

Who added to the over $500 million opening weekend gross of Jurassic World? I did! I got ready by watching Jurassic Park on Amazon Prime last week. I was never into dinosaurs as a kid but there’s something about that movie that gets me all giddy. Jurassic World was fun for the most part and I’m so happy for Chris Pratt’s success. Who knew Andy Dwyer was going to be such a box office success? My biggest complaint of Jurassic World: WHY WAS BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD RUNNING IN HEELS THE ENTIRE MOVIE?!

Vee is getting effn awesome, guys. Our bedtime reading routine has gotten so much fun and her vocabulary has skyrocketed. Right now, we’re rotating thru Cat in the Hat, Mix It Up and one of her many Mickey Mouse books. I recently bought her an Elmo potty training book in hopes of familiarizing her of all the inevitable bathroom goodness to grace her future. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to purchase Where the Wild Things Are either. I never read this book as a child so I was determined to make sure Vee did as a little one. I’m happy to report that the first reading of the book was a success! Beginning to end, she patiently sat thru each page and giggled at the illustrations. I’ve pretty much enjoyed every book I’ve read with her but this phase is getting much more interesting for me, too. My hope is that she’ll soon want to read The Giving Tree, my ultimate favorite book ever as a child.

All in all, my weekend felt full, not too exhausting, with a lot of quiet time and reading. YES, READING! Vee’s nap was pretty long on Sunday so my husband and I took advantage of the opportunity to read – film books for him and Issue Two of The Great Discontent for me. It was glorious. We’ve made a vow to make more time for reading and so far, we’re making good on that promise. It’s all about making the time, right? With that, I’ve also decided to begin freelance work again. That’s right, peeps, yours truly is back on that freelance game! So if you know of someone who needs anything designed or just some consultation, holleeeerrr. Design inquiries can be sent to, my design alter ego. Alright, let’s get to it!

Inspiration time:

My husband sent me this clip last week and it pretty much sums up how I feel most of the time. Oldie but a goodie.

Pretty cool site for food recipe illustrations.

Thoughts on the redesigned logo for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert?


Is there anything Dave Grohl can’t do? Hoping for a speedy recovery!

Yeah, I can definitely relate and always need time to recharge.

Free vector goods. Yaaaaaaaaaa!

Free font. Yaaaaaa!

I need to make some custom packaging tape, ASAP.

On repeat: Vee’s new favorite obsession is a French kids’ show, Trotro. Please help me get the song out of my head.


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