Monday Inspiration | Jul 20, 2015

Our fam has been battling colds, coughs, toddler doctor visits, and incredibly rainy, muggy weather that’s been fucking up everything from sinuses to any comfortable outdoor plans. I’m hoping this past weekend was the last of any of us being sick for a long time because there’s not much we can do with this wackado weather. As soon as the cloud of sickness began to dissipate this past weekend, my husband and I had movie date nights from the comfort of our bed, my favorite <3. One of the movies we watched was Ex Machina and I can’t get this crazy dance scene out of my mind. I’ve watched it way too many times – DOESN’T OSCAR ISAAC CREEP YOU OUT?!

On another note, we’ve planned our family vacation to the beach. To say I am excited is an extreme understatement. I haven’t been on a vacation where I actually go somewhere in over three years. I’m pretty stoked about taking Vee to the beach, too. It’ll be her first time and sort of an unofficial birthday celebration. Which reminds me, I am probably going to be purchasing this life-size Goofy to surprise her for her birthday. I’m sort of obsessed with this idea – which means Vee better squeal with delight because as much as I like A Goofy Movie, I refuse to have been watching it night after night for nothing.

Inspiration time:


Fries before guys, people.

I want to work for HuffPo.

Pakistani and Indian peeps, this Instagram account is for you. I can’t get enough of it and laughed hard at many of the posts.

Good Fucking Design Advice is killing it with this swag pack and $5 mugs.

Check out the first chapter of Harper Lee’s new book.

Hover and pick your color!

Jennifer Daniel sharing her take as a new mother of twins is refreshing and honest.

Did you miss my latest Peety Interviews post? Check it out here.

I know this is old news but I’m feeling the new Ghostbusters line-up.

#peetydraws100lyrics is finally complete.

Mark your calendars for Crafty Bastards, people!

Honestly, I could watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler sleeping and would find it hilarious so naturally, I am getting my ass to a theater to see Sisters.

I love the color of these invites and the handwritten text. Beautiful.


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