Tuesday Inspiration | Aug 25, 2015

Zoo. Beach. Early birthday celebration. That was my last week. Vee was exposed to so many new things over the last seven days and she was such a trooper though it all. My husband and I took Vee to the zoo for the second time. With her being older, we had high hopes she would go giddy for her favorite animal, the panda. I’m so happy to say that we were not disappointed. The smile plastered on Vee’s face was so big, it was rewarding in every way.

Our beach vacation started off a bit rocky. Vee was skeptical about everything, despite her exclaiming “Uh-may-zing!” for everything in sight. She didn’t want her feet or hands touch the sand in any way so I was surprised she even played with her buckets and shovels (which by the way occupied her for what felt like hours – we actually got to, dare I say it: RELAX!). The pool however, was another story. She loooooved it. We were lucky enough to have the pool to ourselves at one point so we really made sure to savor every minute. My husband and I ended up really enjoying ourselves and our first family vacation was a fun and successful one. I gotta get better about photos but here are a few for those who wanna check it out.

On our return from the beach, Audy and I caught up with a bunch of things on DVR (if you haven’t already, please watch Documentary Now!) and prepared to celebrate Vee’s birthday with my family. My sister was MVP of the birthday party. She was ready with a cardboard cut-out of Toodles (a character from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, for those sans children) who Vee had to call for in order to receive each of her birthday gifts. It worked like a charm and Vee was tickled by the whole thing. My husband and I are going to be having our own celebration with her this weekend but it is so sweet to know her second birthday is starting off so wonderfully.

Now it’s work as usual and getting back into our routine. I’m hoping to get back to blogging regularly and getting my sketches posted, too. Here we go!

Inspiration time:



I have really enjoyed following Andrea Pippins on Instagram. Her doodles and drawings are effortless and inspirational.

Budsies allows you to take your sketches and make a one-of-a-kind stuffed toy based on the drawing. WHAT?!

Totally want to do this for Vee’s birthday – Mickey Mouse themed, of course.

I’m totally not a morning person but I can’t deny the power of waking up early and just getting shit done. I need to make this a priority just like these guys.

Idea generation. I like this approach.

Well this answers a few questions on where those weird company names came from.

Pretty incredible publication design and printing right here.

What did you think of Dismaland?

I love the soft colors in this photo series from Rear Window.

Want his little mousepad!

I love everything about Moccato’s branding.



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