Monday Inspiration | Aug 31, 2015


Two years ago today, I pushed my final push at 4:59am, introducing the world to Vivienne, who I so affectionately refer to as mini-Peety and Vee. It’s still hard to believe my husband and I are parents. My husband and I have known each other for almost half of my life and although I knew a baby would be part of our lives one day, it’s still incredibly hard to imagine… even when she’s pulling at my legs and head-butting me because in her words, “fun!” We didn’t send out any formal birthday invites but I drew the graphic above that captures everything Vee loves right now and obsesses over, with Mickey Mouse reigning supreme.

Tonight will be full of cupcakes, presents, and laughter. That is the BEST kind of inspiration, am I right? Happy birthday, little Vee Vee.

Inspiration time:

Did anyone ever watch Daredevil on Netflix? I was reminded of it when I watched the opening credits recently. So good.

How to Age Gracefully.

Bah, my introvertedness wins again!

Please let this be true because I need some new Adele for my eardrums.

Owning this sketchbook makes me drool. My birthday is in January but I am accepting early gifts for those so inclined.

I’m pretty sure I’ve shared the work of Dan Cassaro but had to again because I’m always happy when visit his site. I love the simple layout and black and white. This display just works.

Can this cheese platter be for a party…of one?

This DIY piñata could work for any occasion!

I’m always looking for new ways to entertain Vee. These Disney paper bowling pins just might work.

Have you signed up for Lenny?

On repeat: Nujabes – Aruarian dance (thanks to my husband for introducing me to this song).




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