Tuesday Inspiration | Sept 8, 2015

Excuse me while I chug my coffee.

My husband introduced me to the You Must Remember This podcast. I started with the 12-part Charles Manson story because even though I know he’s completely cuckoo fuckin’ bananas, I didn’t really know many details about how events unfolded in the way they did. Man, I started getting super freaked out by episode 10. I was so freaked out that I stopped listening because I needed to give all the sadness, crazy, insanity and depressing sounds to my eardrums a rest! I cleansed myself with a lot of Mickey Mouse with Vee… which I guess you could argue is its own kind of insanity. You can listen through the website but I’ve also been listening here.

Hope you guys had a relaxing holiday weekend. This week’s goals are to find a new hairdresser, find a dentist for Vee and get some new freelance work! Help is greatly appreciated in any of these departments.

Inspiration time:

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 8.27.39 AM

I’m checking out Truckeroo this Friday. My stomach CANNOT WAIT!

I can’t handle how awesome this mural by Timothy Goodman is.

How are you guys feeling about Google’s new logo and branding? I’m diggin’ it.

Creating a custom lock to protect your nutella? Seems totally normal.

Sidecar provides cool design stuffs for designers by designers. I love these animal icons!

I’m thinking of “sharing a skill” with Creative Mornings. You guys should look into it, too!

Add some women speakers to the mix!

Have you guys ever had zucchini soup? I’m intrigued. In an effort to eat more soup this fall/winter, I may have to try to make this.

Would you make fun of me if I wore this, this or this pin? Because I WANT THEM ALL!

Love these printable envelopes.

Finally, a Buzzfeed list that actually will make my life better (discovered on my sis-in-law‘s FB page).


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