#peetydraws100lyrics complete

The middle of this past July marked the end of The Great Discontent‘s #the100dayproject on Instagram. I participated for a bunch of different reasons but mainly, ever since I discontinued the Mini-Peety drawings as a daily project, I liked the idea of doing something similar but short-term. It wasn’t too difficult coming up with the theme for my project, #peetydraws100lyrics, because I had done a version of this already: #peetydrawslyrics. I hadn’t added to the hashtag in a while and thought it’d be a good way to force me to start it up again. Honestly, I was hoping to maybe get better at hand-illustrating type or discover a happy accident within the shapes and patterns of each illustration. In the end, although there wasn’t any grand revelation in my project, I did learn a few things along the way.

I’m still all about the ease of doing something within a few minutes, posting, and then reveling in the glow of feeling productive. I reconfirmed that I like being able to create something quickly and embracing mistakes made along the way. My process was to draw lyrics in my sketchbook, a few times if necessary, snap a photo with my iPhone and email it to myself to vectorize when I had a few moments. Once vectorized, I’d email the finish product to myself to post on Instagram. The only restriction I set for myself was in the black, pink and white color scheme.

My first few sketches started off like this one: too much stuff going on, different weights, some sort of extraneous symbols mixed in with the text. I think I was still working stuff out in my head on how to approach this project. In the end, I always chose only a portion of the lyric and discarded the rest.IMG_3671

I dabbled in a few different types of lettering – using brush pens, super fine point, cursive, stippling, and others. In the end, I really liked drawing in capital block letters – thick, thin, joined or really spaced apart. I’ve always drawn block letters since I can remember – definitely even before the middle school years. Pretty fascinating that I still resonate with something I enjoyed doing so long ago.


One of my favorite lyrics to work on was for “Vogue.” There was another participant in this project that focused only on stippling. I was inspired to try it for one of my lyrics and ended up liking the stippled version more than the vectorized. The original does look better, right?



It was really cool to see so many people get together and work on their own mini-projects (and I even interviewed one of the participants here). This project revived my love for drawing lyrics and for doing it quickly, without too much of a second thought as to whether or not it was perfect to post. I’ve decided to keep drawing lyrics and vectorizing them in the same way I did for this project but with mainly block letters. It takes off the pressure of overthinking something because I’ve added a simple boundary for myself and now you guys have a snapshot of the songs I hear. No judgement, okay? I’m pretty sure a Taylor Swift lyric is going to makes its way into one of my posts. 🙂



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