Hey, it’s FutureMe

I’ve been using FutureMe for a few years now. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an online service that allows you to schedule an email to yourself at pretty much any future date. You can also send one to someone else but you have to be a registered user to do that. It’s a pretty cool free service.

I think I’ve probably sent at least a handful of emails to my future self, sharing what I was feeling at the time, reminding myself not to take things too seriously, or in one case, vowing to move to Canada if McCain was elected president. I usually schedule the emails to be delivered a year out but always forget when I’m actually supposed to receive them so I’m always surprised when I’m greeted by a previously scheduled email. My latest FutureMe letter was received September 3, 2015 and was written a year prior. It was inspired by a Cup of Jo blog post asking to describe yourself in five words at this stage of your life. Here are mine:


So, to give a little background, a year ago I was still struggling with facing being a parent, determining my career path, financial complaints, stretched thin with time, and never feeling quite like myself. I’ve thought about it some more and these words, for the most part, still apply but now for different reasons. That’s kind of fascinating because the weight of what these words mean to me are so different now. A year later, I realize (and I guess, am accepting) that these words will probably continue to be a part of my life. And I’m feeling okay with that!


Today, I am sending myself another FutureMe email with five words that describe who I feel like I am at this moment. And like last year, I will promptly forget about it until the email magically appears in my inbox. Perhaps “forgetful” will be a good word to add to my list. 😉


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