Monday Inspiration | Oct 12, 2015


I’ve been listening to a lot of design podcasts and watching talks from various conferences to inspire and spur my creativity. I think it’s working. I’m angling to find the happy place that keeps me going even when all those cuckoo banana things in life pound down on my ever so fragile back. My latest source of inspiration has been Tina Roth Eisenberg. I’ve been a follower of hers for quite some time. She’s got a ton of side projects (Teux Deux, Tattly, Creative Mornings, Swiss-miss), all of which I’ve loved and then one day, realized she owned all of them! Talk about branding because clearly, she has a direct line to all things I love in design. She’s got a great sense of humor and love for making things FUN. It’s rare to find that wrapped up in one package of a human being. I recommend you listen to her interview with Debbie Millman and her talk at the 99U Conference last year. At the 99U Conference, Tina asks what your superpower is and I think mine would be Never Giving Up. I’m always looking for ways to stay creative, inspired, excited and I never stop until I find that feeling, no matter how difficult the journey.

This weekend was full of creativity! Vee and I met up a friend at a local produce stand where we plucked the best pumpkins of the batch, said hello to a few roosters walking around the place and had hay fights. We also made a trip to Ikea and nabbed this easel I mentioned in a previous post. The part Vee is most fascinated by is erasing. I realized she hadn’t discovered the magical art of erasing so she is all kinds of excited. Speaking of magic, do you guys remember how much fun it was to melt crayon shavings in wax paper with an iron? We attempted to make a few fall leaves this weekend but naptime overcame the little one so we’ll try again this upcoming weekend.

Also, I started watching The Wonder Years on Netflix because I didn’t grow up watching it. I’m only two episodes in and I’m already in love. How did I not discover this earlier?!

Inspiration time:


Really lovely calendar.

Parabo Press is from the same folks of Photojojo. Parabo makes AWESOME large format prints which I totally want to take advantage of but for right now, these little pins are making me want want want!

Write in a more polite, friendly tone… or just test it out to see how impolite it says you are.

These miniature film sets are iiiiiiinnnnsssaaaaane!

Cut paper collages always blow my mind. I’m all about getting things done quick quick quick and posting and then basking in the glow of being productive. This on the other hand, requires a type of patience I do not possess.

This colorful identity is making me drool.

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having is a fun show about food and it’s host, Phil Rosenthal is really entertaining! He’s going to Paris tonight and I can’t wait to watch!

Why can’t I stop laughing at this? OMG is this a metaphor for my life right now?!

Anyone listening to any good music? I need some new tunes in my rotation. Share some good stuff in the comments!


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