Monday Inspiration | Oct 26, 2015


I had lunch with my best friend, Annie, over the weekend to celebrate her birthday and we talked a lot about our workaholic tendencies and the need to feel connected to ourselves. We realized we weren’t in touch with each other as much as we hoped either and came up with a plan to take more days off together or catch up at the movies. She said something that stuck with me as I drove home, “You make time for what’s important.” I know, I know – it’s not groundbreaking but when you hear things at a very relevant moment in time, it takes on a different meaning. Here’s to ushering in her birthday with more moments spent together.

I haven’t made my own Halloween costume for the last few years and kind of thought this year would be the same. But here we are, less than a week out and now I’m feeling the remorse of not taking the time to come up with something awesome. For a short while, I did think of dressing as Powerline from A Goofy Movie or Rami Malek from Mr. Robot. Alright, next year, it’s going DOWN! This year, I’ll just eat/pass out candy and watch Vee twirl in her Princess Minnie dress.

I watched Rosemary’s Baby for the FIRST TIME this weekend. I can’t believe I’ve never seen that movie before. It was crazy and freaked me out a little bit. Mia Farrow’s haircut was boooooomb, though. I couldn’t stop staring at her and how fashionable she looked… all while carrying the devil’s baby.

Inspiration time:


Paula Scher was one of the first graphic designers I fell in love with during college. I can’t get enough of this identity she’s designed for New York’s Atlantic Theater Company.

I still haven’t carved or drawn on the pumpkins we hauled earlier this month. I love what Design Love Fest did for theirs and want to try it.

I’m digging the few orders I’ve placed with Here’s a Living Social deal that new customers can redeem. DO IT!

I like picking colors on

Someone else can frame my artwork and pictures for me?! Sign me up!

Joe Iurato’s wood cutouts are AWESOME!

Yes, I’d like to be a member of the Mixed Emotions Club.

I’m SO excited about Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix show, Master of None.

Take WiFi with you everywhere.

Mmmmmmm I’m drooling over Elegantissima: The Design and Typography of Louise Fili.

I Peety-ized a light switch cover for a co-worker and friend who is expecting. It will be placed in her little one’s nursery. Awesome idea!




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