6-Month Gift for Jenny: #1

My sister is getting married next year. Eeeeeek! Wedding planning is fun and exciting but can also be exhausting and frustrating. In hopes of keeping my sister’s spirits light and pointed towards the happy part of wedding planning, I took on a 6-month countdown project. Each month leading up to her wedding, I’m mailing her a gift I’ve designed and produced to alleviate any stress and anticipation that wedding planning can bring. I take my maid-of-honor responsibilities very seriously. 😉


October 30th marked six months from Jenny and Rob’s wedding date. I commemorated this by printing magnets from pictures I pulled from my sister’s Instagram. I used Sticky9 to print nine magnets and they turned out awesome! Before shipping them out, I designed a custom envelope I printed on my personal printer, rather than going to a professional printer. This way, I could keep costs down and print as many copies as I needed in case I messed up. I scored, trimmed, and glued the edges and flaps myself.IMG_4287IMG_4291

Included in the envelope was a note from me introducing my sister to the “countdown gift” and then it was shipped out.

Handmade gifts are something I wish I could do more often. I’ve always got ideas swirling around in my head but executing them usually never happens because life gets in the way. It feels awesome to have a reason to design something fun and personal. More to come!


Related: Bridesmaids gift from Jenny’s bridesmaids and designed by me.



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