Tuesday Inspiration | Dec 1, 2015


It’s official. I’ve gone off the deep end when it comes to making lists. The holidays always have a way of doing this to me but I don’t know that I’d want it any other way! I always start with grand plans, taking time with cost comparisons, handmaking gifts, etc., and I usually make it halfway thru before I realize I’m running out of steam. Does that stop me from trying again every year? NOPE. And this year, of course, is no different. It started with Thanksgiving and was going okay until I realized I was forgetting little things here and there every single day despite my list making. Thank goodness for an understanding husband who picked up the most important item for me – THE ROASTING PAN! In the end, all the Thanksgiving foods turned out boooooomb and we ate our weight in turkey, delicious veggies, and pumpkin pie. Mmmmmm. Worth every calorie.

My list making is paying off in some ways, though, because I’m about 75% done – read that: DONE – with my Christmas shopping. This is completely unprecedented, uncharted territory, when pigs fly kind of scenario. I’m pretty stoked because the last couple gifts I have in mind are handmade so I’ll need a bit extra time for that. OH! Speaking of Christmas, don’t forget to sign up for the Goody Goody Gift Swap! I signed up last year and it was pretty awesome. I ended up becoming pen pals with Miranda, the wonderfully talented photographer I was paired up with. I’m drooling with anticipation to know who I’ll be paired up with this year.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.07.58 AM

Check out this guy watching a movie and sketching characters for 365 days.

I’ve been watching too much Barefoot Contessa and think perhaps this book should exist in my cooking library.

How awesome is this wireless speaker?!


We’re doing a White Elephant gift exchange at work and are limiting the gifts to books. This and this book made me laugh.

Pie Gram? Sign me up, please.

I love you in 50 languages.

Debbie Millman’s shirt available for only two weeks!

Is this true?

Loving the different and minimalist toys here for kids. I ended up buying this as an Xmas gift for Vee.

Poppin has too many delicious metallic things and I want them all!

Kinda liking this Rifle Paper Co. make-up bag.

I want need to own some of Timothy Goodman’s work.


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