Wednesday Inspiration | Dec 30, 2015


Christmas Eve ushered in the beginning of a wonderful holiday. Unfortunately, it also brought me a cold, starting with sneezing, a runny nose, culminating to body aches and a general zombie-like state of mind. The fog has lifted but I’m left with what seems to be turning into a gross cough. Hoping the worst is me ending up with raspy sounding voice. Despite being sick, the holiday was lovely and spending so much time with my husband and Vee with nothing planned was just what we all needed.

With all the new toys Vee got for Christmas, I realize how much stimulation she needed with new books and toys. I feel like she’s a completely different person – talking MUCH more and having legit conversations with me. We’ve been building thrones, tables, pathways, and houses with these cardboard blocks. WHO KNEW?! It still shocks me that I can talk to her and she comprehend what I’m saying and respond. Watching life grow in front of you is fucking craaaaazy!

I’m hoping the weather in this area becomes normal – it’s been rainy and mild and very unusual for this time of year. Although I hate the coldness winter brings, this damp weather has thrown my body outta wack. Give me the cold, a light dusting of snow, and the occasional peak of sunshine so I know it’s wintertime, please.

Inspiration time:

I wish I had bought stocking stuffers at I’m loving this cassette bookmark string!

My #2015bestnine photos on Instagram.

Saved by the Bell Funko Pops! Yaaasss.

Mmmmm kinda loving this calendar.

I liked reading this simple post about what makes an impressionable business card. I definitely agree about the paper weight.

I’m judging all these books by their covers and they are delicious.

I received the 2016 Sketchbook Project as a gift from my manager and I’m so excited to join another year.

These are kinda awesome to look at.

I purchased my first custom Keytags by Various Projects that I’ll post about later but the quality was awesome!

WHOA! Modify Ink is a site that lets you customize details of your cards, party decor, artwork, etc., down to the color. Super convenient and lovely designs!
And with that, I’ll close out the year with my last Inspiration post and thank you for always come back for more. Have a happy happy new year!



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