Tuesday Inspiration | Jan 12, 2016


Yesterday I turned 32 and for the last few years, I’ve been forgetting how old I am. I always remember my husband’s age, though, and it gives me the quick math I need to do to be reminded of my own. Does that happen because birthdays quickly lose significance after 30? The milestones have more gaps between them and I guess most people lose interest in celebrating getting older, perhaps?

And yet, I’ve loved it. 31 was a significant year, now that I think about it. It was the year of progress, the year of getting it within ten, where my husband and I crossed things off our list but didn’t give ourselves, or each other, shit about the goals we didn’t reach. The thing is, by giving ourselves flexibility in reaching our goals – we ended up surpassing them! My birthday is almost two weeks after New Year’s so the slate is, for the most part, still clean with resolutions intact and hope for what the new year will bring. 31 was pretty awesome and I felt more like myself than I ever have since having Vee – and feels SO GOOD. Here’s to getting older and enjoying it along the way.

PS. The Hateful Eight is really good so please get your butt to a theater asap!

Inspiration time:

Awesome resource for sites you can buy wonderful artwork.

Going thru some of my pins and came across this oldie but a goodie.

BJ Novak’s bookshelf.

MailChimp’s Annual Report is just too good.

Did some chalkboard art the opening of my sister’s dance studio this past weekend. Turned out pretty good, right?

Doing some drawing with Lisa Congdon on Creativebug. Really fun online class (follow my sketches on Instagram under #peetysketches)!

Pre-order Issue No. 4 of The Great Discontent.

Love me some Powerpuff Girls!

For those who enjoy the occasional or more frequently used swear word, there’s now a coloring book for you.

Removing the confusion of cooking with herbs – lovely illustration and easy to read layout.

Leonardo DiCaprio explains what happened with Lady Gaga. I don’t really care what happened – I can’t stop laughing at his face4 either way.


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