Monday Inspiration | Apr 4, 2016


I’ve been MIA not only from Peety Blogs but also from personal creativity these last few months and it suuuuuuuuucked. Everything that usually gets in the way of obtaining that elusive balance in life just went up ten notches and I couldn’t keep things straight. People were sick. Work went cuckoo bananas crazy. Freelance work was never ending. Sleep may or may not have happened. My husband’s schedule went from demanding to bonkers. Things had to be sacrificed and unfortunately, Peety Draws paid the price. Now, I’ve entered what I’m looking at as a new phase and learning a different way to juggle the responsibilities of every day life. So, I’m trying again and that’s what is most important anyway, right?

With mental and physical exhaustion of the last few months and many things losing priority, I still managed to listen to Season 2 of Serial during long commutes or work. Not as compelling as Season 1 but still interesting. I also carved out time to design the invites for my sister’s bridal shower, mehndi, and created bleach t-shirts for her bachelorette weekend in Vegas (the process of which was stupidly simple and now I want to bleach-design all my t-shirts). And because I was basically only capable of participating in a binge-watch session or movie marathon on the most trying of days, I ended up watching quite a few things:

For those that haven’t, please watch Master of None.
Watched Carol. A beautifully filmed movie – Cate Blanchett was mesmerizing.
Rewatched The Hateful Eight. SO GOOD.
Rewatched Creed. Was not expecting this movie to be good but it blew me away with its story and how the message transcends the boxing world. Plus, the score is powerful.
Watching Puffin Rock with Vee on Netflix. An adorable show with lovely artwork.
Watching Girls on HBO. This season is fucking amazing. Lena Dunham’s story-telling this season is so compelling. I cannot get enough.
Speaking of not getting enough, who else is totally soaking up the crazy of The People vs. OJ Simpson?! I’m sad the final episode airs tomorrow night.
Watched Fuller House. Yes, I did it. It was nostalgic, surprisingly funnier than I thought, and a feel good show.
Watched House of Cards. I wasn’t a fan of last season but this season wasn’t bad and ended strong.

And now, let’s get inspirational:

Drooling over the Pelican Shakespeare Series artwork.

Powerpuff yourself. You can check me out on Instagram.

Lost Type has had a few lovely fonts added to their collection: Eastside and Escafina.

Read this a while back and related to it way too much.

What did David Bowie do at your age?

I want aaaallll the waaallllpapers!

What Romance Really Means After 10 Years of Marriage. Love this.

Love this reminder message but hate that I continually fall short.

What cool ways to make customizable stuffs! Like anything else customizable, it depends on your budget but Lumi really makes the production part of it super simple.

Time-waster: Chrome Music Lab (thanks for sharing, John!)

Design tidbits via Design Facts.

Get 25 FREE square prints from Parabo Press for first time customers only. What a steal!

A simple and put together way of letting someone know you’re thinking of them using Greetabl. Happiness delivered for sure.

Kinda liking these free download patterns from Creative Market this week.

On repeat: from the Creed soundtrack. Especially love it at the 2:15 mark.




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