Monday Inspiration | Apr 25, 2016



No public eff you video can take away the attention of Prince’s death. Just like the rest of the world, I’m so saddened, shocked, and in disbelief. I read an article on Wired about the creation his symbol – floppy disks! Throughout the weekend, my husband and I poured over articles, videos about him and of course, his music. Even Vee danced around a bit to parts of Purple Rain as we watched it. Like the rest of you, I will be honed in on any news reports about cause of death because, wtf?!

The 9-5 work week is going end a little early for me because my sister’s wedding is coming up this weekend. I get to eat tons of delicious food, see family I haven’t seen in a long while, get dolled up, and have a few days off in honor of this momentous celebration. Crossing my fingers this work week goes by quickly. In the meantime, inspiration:


I loves these wireless lanterns.

Book of the Month Club – the perfect gift for me Pre-Vee, but still keeping it on my radar for when my yearly book tally goes past 1/year.

In the meantime, I put my Living Social deal for a membership to Audible to good use and am currently listening to Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up. Totally recommend!

I’ll pretty much read, listen, or watch anything Louis C. K. signs his name off on. With that said, I still have Horace and Pete to watch but I did enjoy his interview with Bill Simmons discussing the process and thought behind it.

Interesting read about self-esteem.

How complicated love is made simpler with IKEA products.

Also, feast your eyes on 101 IKEA hacks.

Worked on freelance projects a bit this weekend while binging on season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Did anyone else get a little too excited about the Dawson’s Creek references?

I could eat up all the illustration and pattern work of Jordan Sondler.

Bought the absolute cutest – and extremely durable – Very Hungry Caterpillar bookbag for Vee this weekend. They are now inseparable, making my mama heart break in half.

What a cool idea – recreating the artwork for Phil Collins‘ back catalogue reissues.

Things organized neatly.

And crossing my fingers I’ll be able to put time aside to enter this poster contest by Creative Live.




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