Monday Inspiration | May 9, 2016


Mother’s Day weekend was so relaxing. It started with a morning at the National Aquarium. We took Vee for the first time with many weeks worth of excitement thinking that was enough preparation to go along with her already deeply embedded love of fish. NOPE. I failed to remember how dark the aquarium is in many places and that freaked her out. Only towards the tail end of our visit did she start to warm up to the surrounding water bubbles and people… lots and lots of people. Thankfully, we got out of there in the early afternoon, right when the aquarium was ripe with families and kids under our feet. I did get to touch some sting rays and JELLYFISH. So much squisy awesomeness. The latter part of the weekend was spent at my parents’ house, making Vee a paper dress, and SLEEPING. Holy crap, guys, I got a night of nine hours of sleep AND a 3-hour nap on top of that. I am a new woman and feel like I am capable of anything. Sleep truly does cure all. #blessed

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about getting older, growing up, maturing – whatever you want to call it – and how strange all of it is. I think it’s because my sister got married last weekend and so many times I was knocked over the head with how surreal it all was. Maybe it was the flashes before my eyes of her as the kid I shared bunk beds with, who I fought with, who I danced at local ska shows with, who I would share Sunday mornings with watching A League of Their Own for the millionth time. I think the feeling is also heightened because of having a kid and experiencing the old as something new, like watching Vee discover light sabers or going to the aquarium. This growth in life brings about change in someway and my husband and I talk about how lucky we are that our changes in life are parallel to one another, allowing us to continually grow together rather than apart. Growing up is weird and doesn’t make sense a lot of the time but this phase of change feels particularly enlightening. I will keep you posted of what is reveals.

Inspiration time:


Like a mother. I’m rocking this everyday as soon as it arrives in my mailbox.

Love the simplicity of this fold. I can see using this on a variety of large format projects.

Parents make better employees – I believe it.

I don’t understand the amazingness of these tiny ink drawings!

Useful color palette picker.

Creativity in 5 steps.

I can’t stop scrolling thru @sainthoax‘s Instagram.

So true.

99U design stuffs always make me happy.

Been finding a lot of Pinterest inspiration like Jig Saw, this floral inspired branding, and the use of this awesome neon mint color.

Do you guys think this foil applicator will be any good? I sort of want it badly.

Discovered Justin Hinds & The Dominoes this past week and am on the path to being obsessed.




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