Tuesday Inspiration | May 24, 2016


Sometimes there’s no other word to describe the PC police crazies except for bitchassness. That’s all. Nothing revolutionary to say except that I wish people would have more of a sense of humor. And I guess if we’re wishing for things, I’d love for all this rain to stop because I’m ready for some sort of a spring, kthanksbye.

Inspiration time:

Getty! You smart marketers, you.

Hard Work, a notebook.

Yes, yes, yes. This sums up how I feel about my life right now.

Gorgeous gorgeous photos.


I won’t say I have it as bad as this guy but my misphonia rage is very very real.

Excuse me while I wipe my drool.

Just started listening to my second audible book, The Girl on the Train. Hooked so far!

Interesting typography article.

Now I can make all the Peety books! :::cue crazy laugh:::

Latest Episode from mah boyz at Film Don’t Like Podcast.

You don’t celebrate enough.

How to trust yourself.

On repeat: Adele’s music video for my favorite song off of her latest album. Love love love.




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