Tuesday Inspiration | May 31, 2016


I had an extended holiday, adding a few days of vacation from my 9-5 before the weekend. It was spent sketching, sleeping, and reading. I usually can’t read more than one book at a time but since Girl on the Train is an audiobook, I thought maybe reading Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari wouldn’t be too disruptive. Plus, it’s more of an educational reading compared to the entertainment of Girl on the Train. I’m maybe only 50 pages in and already Modern Romance is making me feel two things: happy that I met my husband before the advent of texting on the regs and depressed for my daughter. Hopefully by the time she enters the dating world, a nostalgia for the old ways will resurface.

I also went to see The Lobster. The premise of this movie was so promisingly original – and funny – that my husband and I went to see it this past weekend. The first half started off so compelling and hilarious that it was a disappointment to see where it ended up. In the end, time spent at the movies is always a plus for us so we couldn’t complain too much. We also watched the first episode of The Preacher. Seems really promising!

And with that, I’m back at work and looking forward to the next mini-getaway. Until then, inspiration time:


I want to go to there – there being YO! Sushi. Fun branding.

Someone talk me out of buying my millionth sketchbook to add to my hoarding stack.

Twitter is changing stuffs.

I’m a sucker for black and white art. I like the four letter word series, too.

Lovely sketchbook. Putting mine to shame with a coating of embarrassment.

Super detailed instructions on creating decorative drop caps.

Feelin’ errythang about this identity system.

Why am I only now finding out about Designers & Books? HAVE I BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK?!

Top symbols & trademarks of the world. So wish I could find out how I could own this series.

Love Little Green Pig!

I want the courage to be able to do this with Vee – or just me and my husband for that matter!

Has your email been hacked? Check here to see if you have.


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