Tuesday Inspiration | Jun 7, 2016


I’ve had an overload of inspiration and nostalgia over the last few days. From Jessica Hische to Bob Ross (yes, that Bob Ross) I’m still basking in the high of the weekend and am desperately holding onto it. One of the most exciting things I listened to was Jessica Hische’s talk with GitHub (thanks for sharing the podcast, John!). She talks about the importance of Passion Projects and “procrastiworking.” I share her thoughts on both of these topics and can relate to having so many personal projects and hating that I have a 9-5 a lot of the time. So her analogy explaining the usefulness of your 9-5 was my favorite and something I totally needed to hear. She compares her day job and her personal projects to Bruce Wayne and Batman (18:48). Basically, Batman cannot exist with the help (and funding) from Bruce Wayne. Similarly, there’s no way I could do my own personal “vigilante” work without the help of my day job. I have responsibilities in life that I cannot shed and need money to ensure they are taken care of. And whatever that way that happens, be cool with it because I gotta be Batman after that and my vigilante work is too good to mess that up. But please, listen to Hische explain it because her way sounds much more revolutionary for your mind.

This might be kind of a lengthy post but that probably just means we need an extra helping of inspiration this week. That’s how I’m going to look at it. So, get your fork and let’s dive right into this sucker.


Films condensed into a single frame.

Composition notebook pouch. I will find a reason to use this.

Can saving money always look this easy, please? Kthanks.

The Great Discontent launched a podcast! On a related note, I just received the latest issue and CANNOT wait to devour it.

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at Lisa Congdon’s blog and it is full of such wonderful colors, inspiration, and illustration. Just take a few minutes to browse thru it – you’ll feel happier. 🙂

Film Don’t Lie podcast is now available on iTunes. Yaasssssss!!!

I think I have an obsession with my sleep and wake up patterns. More info on why waking up early is the way to go.

Need: Daily Rituals: How Artists Work.

It’s crazy how happy I am about Bob Ross being available on Netflix.

After sharing in the Bob Ross nostalgia, my husband told me about two shows he would watch, transfixed, as a kid: The Secret City and The Book Bird. Both are amazing and I so wish I had seen these as a little one.

Mark your calendars: Crafty Bastards is October 1 and 2 this year.

Productivity is really about what you don’t do.

An Artist Residency in Motherhood. This is awesome.

Yes, John Oliver. This dude bought debt and forgave it all. It’s a long clip to watch but it’s so worth it. Good can still exist in the world.


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