Wednesday Inspiration | Jun 15, 2016


I’ve never considered myself a highly sensitive person but with the overwhelming sadness in the news cycle as of late, I find myself struggling to make sense of it all emotionally. There is so much hate in the country, in the world, that it feels like a miracle to live into the twilight years of your life. Despite all the ugly, there is also a lot of beauty and happiness that deserve celebration. I guess this corner of your inbox and the internet is to do just that – find a little beauty amidst all the chaos. Sending warm vibes to everyone reading this.Inspiration time:


Business cards perfected by the Jullien brothers.

Love this annual report design.

Have you guys been watching O.J.: Made in America on ESPN? It is excellent and chilling.

Branding for Latina TV: so much about this for that seems like it shouldn’t work but I can’t stop looking at it.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is baaaaaack!

Give me all the Ikea bags!

Me me me.

I didn’t know I needed an umbrella this much.

Debbie Millman interviews Lisa Congdon. I had no idea Congdon wasn’t as successful as she is until her late 30s!

Speaking of Lisa Congdon – this is now my mantra and yes, requires a tote.

Need to find a printer? Mohawk can help.

Take care of them ugly wires.




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