Monday Inspiration | Jun 27, 2016

Laundry laundry laundry all weekend looooong. But I am almost done and it’s thrilling to see the bottom of my laundry hamper. I also made a dent in Season 4 of OITNB this weekend. I thought the season started off kind of boring, same ol’ same ol’. But it’s got my full on attention now. Are any of you watching? I also went to see The Neon Demon. Holy shit, man. Visually, it’s just dropping with such luscious color and texture. I wanna sop it up with some bread and devour it. The movie itself, however… I’ll let my husband put it into words when he writes his review on it for I still can’t process what my eyeballs endured.

I’ve been prepping some stuff to go up on my Society6 page in the next few days, hopefully. I’ll post an up date on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook when I do. I’m also getting really excited about this idea I’ve had for a lite version of a Peety Draws coloring book based on #thingsveesays. I’m working on the dimensions and general layout right now but I’m so excited!

I bit the bullet and signed up for an account. My husband and I have been enjoying listening to books together. With our insane commute to and from work, it’s made us less sleepy and feels like a mini-date in the car together. We finished listening to The Girl on the Train a few weeks ago and downloaded Out and Saturday Night Live and American TV. Both are interesting but I’m farther along in Out and totally gripped by it.

This week’s goals in particular order:
1. wake up a half hour earlier than usual and make use of that morning quiet time
2. nail down layout for my Peety Draws coloring book idea for Vee’s birthday
3. draw on the canvases collecting dust in my basement to hang in the kitchen

Keep the goals simple, am I right? Happy Monday, friends. Here’s your inspiration:

burgerworld_cover 2

Speaking of coloring book, I love this one by Jon Burgerman called Burger World.

Making friends after 30. Hits the nail on the head.

Because of this Buzzfeed article, I’ve become so aware of what I saw to toddlers and kids, including my own.

Ok, best tradition ever!

Timewaster: Retrominder. 90 seconds to challenge your retro pop culture.

North Korean interiors that look like sets from Wes Anderson movies. Swoon.

Always love Dan Cassaro’s work. This video of his 2015 work is no exception.

Glam breakfast. Yes, please.

Wouldn’t life be better if we all had a Can Do Girl in our lives?

I need to make the two-minute rule part of my regular life.

I want all the lego walls, pleeeassse!




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