Monday Inspiration | Aug 1, 2016


August freakin’ one. It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to you guys. Quite a few changes have happened for my fam in the last month which is why Monday Inspiration has been M.I.A. One thing I’ve learned to be true about myself and can finally admit – I am NOT good with sudden change. If I know a change is coming, I guess I can prepare for it but I’m still the worst worrier known to mankind. However, if a change comes outta the dark and blindsides me?! I am out of commission for at least a few weeks. My insides are churning at this concession but I can’t deny it at any longer – I HATE CHANGE. My husband always has an amazing way to give me strength and although it sounds simple everyone else, he knows what I need to hear to help me pick myself back up. So, right now, our mantra is: Ride the Wave. Simple, right? But right now, those words are giving me LIFE.

I have been crazy productive in this time of upheaval though, which I’m surprised at myself. I’ve got all kinds of projects concocting in my head. I’ve listened to two audio books (Out and Fates and Furies), not to mention reading Daily Rituals. My husband and I found a preschool to send our daughter (cue: sobs). I started a new drawing project for myself called Peety Right Now (#peetyrightnow) and is focused on documenting a few things from my life in that moment – sort of an answer to not keeping a journal. I started watching Stranger Things on Netflix. My husband and I are LOVING this season of Preacher. But mainly, I am looking forward to this month. Somehow, August is when we really begin to enjoy summer – my husband has a break between semesters, my daughter’s birthday is coming up, and our annual trip to the beach is around the corner. A lot of good to look forward to but in the meantime, imma just ride the wave.

Because I’ve been away for so long, you should just grab that cup of coffee and seriously nurse that thing thru this list because it is, truly, meaty this time around.

This week’s inspiration:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.49.27 AM

Lisa Frank coloring books are coming. I need a pack of neon colored pencils STAT.

Speaking of neon, Signal Noise has that on lock.

A clear and easy to read hierarchy is never overrated – lovely and simple menu design.

I have this Mr. Rogers post bookmarked and it never fails to give my diminished confidence a boost, even if for a moment.

Referenced this super simple duotone effect using Photoshop and have loved using it in some of my work.

Really want this book from Jean Jullien. If you’re not following him on Instagram, do it right now.

Ryan Gosling + Emma Stone = My one way ticket to La La Land. I can’t wait.

10 designers who only became successful after age 40. Related: Leslie Jones on late success.

Okay, this legit looks like the library (or maybe even better?!) from Beauty and the Beast. I want to go to there a million times.

I 100% agree with this thought from Chuck Close. The process of going thru something reveals so much more than a bolt of inspiration ever would.

I have been loving Alicia Keys’ confidence and style and finally started following her on Instagram.

These watermelon emojis are free only for this week!


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    • Always been a supporter, since day one. Thank you for always checking out my littler corner of the world wide webs.

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