Monday Inspiration | Oct 3, 2016

inblogSup, party people. I received a FutureMe email about a week ago. The email contents were my continued contribution of a blog post I read on Cup of Jo and wrote about it here. This time around, the words I used to describe me were professionally confused, happy, compartmentalizer, tired and anxiety-ridden. It isn’t a drastic change of my current state so maybe I get points for consistency? 😉

It’s been a rainy week in the DC area but it finally let up over the weekend. My husband and I went to this lecture about the remake of The Magnificent Seven hosted by the Smithsonian. It was a cool way to spend a Saturday morning and learn a little something in a casual setting.The annual Crafty Bastards event was this past weekend, too. My sister, Vee, and I made the short trek to Union Market to walk thru all the vendor booth and eat some food truck goodies. I can spend a few hundred dollars easily at this event so I carried a very limited supply of cash in an effort to curb my spending – and it worked! Vee was the winner with us buying this set of Pantone books, Bob the Artist, and Where Did They Go?.

These next few weeks are going to be super busy with a pumpkin patch trip, slumber party at my sister’s house, freelance meetings, podcast recording for my husband, family lunches, my brother’s birthday, Halloween, and planning for my trip to the Adobe Max conference in San Diego. We’re also going to a House of Cards walking tour later this month and finally seeing Louis C. K. live in November. TOO MANY THINGS ARE HAPPENING!

Have you guys watched the first episode of Insecure, yet? I laughed out loud so hard at that show and am officially Issa Rae obsessed. I’ve added her book to my Audible wish list. Speaking of Audible, I started listening to Anna Karenina and as interesting as it started, I’m realizing maybe this should’ve been a book I actually read rather than listen to; for some reason my mind wanders while I listen to it and I find myself having to re-listen to chapters multiple times. It might be a tough one to get thru, clocking at 35 hours of audio listening, I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Sending good vibes to all of you this week! Inspiration time:

Obsessing over these composition notebook leggings. I want to draw all over them.

Submitted art to for consideration. It can take a few months to hear back but hoping for the best!

Doing a little doodlin’ on Vee’s school snacks: #peetydrawsonfood.

This vase is everything. WANT.

This is how people apply for jobs now?!

Want successful daughters? Nag ’em. 

Learn a little something about the way you write and read with Comma Queen.

I don’t remember watching this short, Sanjay’s Super Team, when it was first released but I watched it at least five times over the weekend.

Test your font knowledge with Know Your Font. This was way harder than I thought it would be.

Definitely going to check out the new film, Paterson, by Jim Jarmusch starring Adam Driver. Yay!

I feel like I can tell what this brand identity smells like with its color and paper combination.



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