Wednesday Inspiration | Oct 12, 2016


Can I just tell you how much fun I’ve been having contributing to InkTober so far? My latest addition is: This is Alex. I’ve been trying wanting to do this type of project for a while but needed a boost and Jake Parker’s InkTober prompt list was the perfect opportunity. The stories are fueled by the different sides of my personality or thoughts and giving them a name. There’s something kinda funny but also truthful about looking at aspects of my life as their own “person.” I sort of feel like this should be book.

Last weekend consisted of a girls’ slumber party and a visit to the pumpkin patch with my fam. This is what weekends were made for and had an awesome time watching nostalgic movies with my girls while vegging out on pizza and wine Saturday night and spending the next day picking out pumpkins worthy of picking. The weather is taking a turn for the colder which means snow is on the horizon and it is depressing me but hoping real hard we don’t have a repeat of last year’s four feet of snow.

Have you guys started watching Westworld? What do you think about it? The production and some of the acting is pretty incredible.

Inspiration time:

I will always stop to watch this movie, no matter what. It’s been 20-years since its release!

Give me a gold foil on an uncoated black sheet any day. Swoon.

Don’t adopt anxiety! Adding this to my list to reference when I start to feel cray.

I was so inspired and attracted to the way Sarah Storella and her family live in New Hampshire.

Loved this read on not “being a good mother” but a “great dad.”

Bryan Cranston’s memoir, “A Life in Parts” is out. I may just have to put Anna Karenina aside and take a listen on Audible.

Free icons.

Pretty cool – a neighborhood guide by local creatives.

Chocolate turtle apple slices. YES PLEASE.

Oooooh aaaahhh the Aurora Light Kit, want.

On repeat: Solange’s new album.




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