Monday Inspiration | Oct 17, 2016


Last week I mentioned Bryan Cranston‘s book was released. I did end up putting Anna Karenina on the back burner so I could listen and so far – it’s so intriguing. His life was going all over the place and to hear the things he’s experienced and what life he came from is fascinating. I’m so glad I’m listening to it right now. Definitely recommend!

My husband and I went to the House of Cards walking tour yesterday hosted by the Smithsonian. It was the perfect day to be outside and walking for as long as we did. We had a healthy walk down Pennsylvania Avenue and learned about some of D.C.’s history and how it connects to House of Cards. We ended with lunch at a D.C. bbq placed, Hill Country. Drools ensued.

Inspiration time:

I love the Lunacy series of Field Notes.

Is there any better playlist to listen to right now than that for Atlanta?

My sis shared this with me and it is giving me life right now.

I love these wood prints from Social Print Studio – and so affordable! Christmas presents, anyone?!

These ghost pretzels are such a cute Halloween idea… or any day idea.

My husband has influenced me in meditating and being mindful so I’ve been reading about it a bit more and like this article from Andrew W. K.

And here’s a way to be mindful while brushing your teeth – sometimes that’s all it takes.

Perfection achieved in color.

I loved the second episode of Insecure as much as the first and loved this article on Issa Rae.



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