Monday Inspiration | Oct 24, 2016

My weekend was full of laughter, friends, and dancing. My sister held her annual music video class and taught the iconic dance moves to “Thriller” in honor of Halloween. Per usual, I made a fool of myself but it was in the best and most fun way possible. Speaking of Halloween, why was the SNL sketch with Tom Hanks as David Pumpkins so hilarious?! It shouldn’t have worked at all!

I also had breakfast with my best friend Sunday morning. What is it about a couple hours with your girlfriend, coffee and noms that helps you recenter yourself? Nothing beats refueling on girl talk and venting to make all else right in the world.

Inspiration time:

Obsessed with the Target Tribeca mural by Timothy Goodman.

Zac Posen has really grown on me during his time on Project Runway and his Delta Airline uniform debut does not disappoint.

This Harry Potter film poster series are lovely!

Been thinking of actually getting a pen used for inking. I’ve seen this one on a few recommended lists and am contemplating purchasing it. Any advice?

Episode 15 of the Film Don’t Lie podcast is up where the hosts talk about Girl on the Train, Birth of a Nation, and The Accountant.

Interested in picking this book up, recommended by Lisa Congdon.

Eek! Guardians of the Galaxy 2 sneak peak. Can’t wait to see this!

Loved reading this Vogue article on Anthony Bourdain. Pretty intrigued by his new book, too.

Hang out with Aziz Ansari on the set of Master of None.

The National Archives launched an online resource of GIFs from its collections – pretty incredible!

I love the color of these doc martens but then I also love these. Just give me all the monies so I can have all the shoes!

And for your Halloween DIY pleasure: vector skulls and bones illustration and vampire emojis!

I’m going to see Debbie Millman this week. Yay!



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