Monday Inspiration | Jul 17, 2017

It’s Monday evening and I’m still looking back on our weekend, misty-eyed, wishing it wasn’t over. Mondays are especially tough after you’ve had the weekend my family and I had. The weekend started with some guilty pleasure watching of Mighty Ducks… all. three. of. them. You read that right. The rest of the weekend followed with Krispy Kreme donuts, burgers, milkshakes, ice cream, leisurely walks in the city’s town center, and lego building. It’s what summers were made for and I still can’t believe we’re already halfway through it!

In addition to all this weekend goodness, I was asked by Alessandra of Typecase Industries to work with her on a drawing collaboration for the windows of her shop front. I can’t find any words to describe the feeling of working on something like this. It combines everything I love about drawing – impromptu, emotion based, and embracing the mistakes. The great thing about this request by Alessandra was our MO: just go with what works. Good-bye stress and hello #peetypeeps (shout-out to my sis for the hashtag)! I’ve included pics of the drawings below and make sure to check out TCI‘s work, too – super talented and all kinds of awesome.

Get click happy for your Monday – and beyond – Inspiration.

I started listening to Kevin Hart’s new book on audible. So entertaining! He’s got such a positive outlook on life and it helps that he reading the book.

I was collecting Funko Pops for a while but sort of dropped off. Then I saw Lego has Brick Headz and now I want every single one. Vee and my husband put Batgirl together last night and Batman will be assembled tonight.

Guys. We just booked a family vacation trip to DISNEY WORLD! I am so fucking stoked I can’t handle it. And to take Vee and see her face burst into a million little pieces with excitement is going to be everything.

Here is a pic of the drawings of Alessandra’s and my work at Typecase Industries. Check out TCI’s Instagram for more.

After my drawing session at TCI, I am now determined to have a large space in my home to indulge whenever I feel like it. Was eyeing this removable chalkboard wallpaper – but would love recommendations!

Interview questions can be fun and I wish more people took the time to ask some that may serve to better understand a person’s personality. There are a lot in this list I wouldn’t mind being asked or would like to ask an interviewee.

Continuing my obsession with growing my enamel pin collection. Must haves.

I want to have hot pink on the underneath part of my hair, kinda like this. Mine is above my shoulders but still think it would be a lot of fun.

Free icons = download always.

And man, TV is about to get good. I know I’m not a GoT watcher (I PROMISE, one day I will get on it) but I am excited about the return of Insecure, Ballers, Project Runway and Curb Your Enthusiasm!



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