Monday Inspiration | Jul 24, 2017

This summer has been a particularly difficult one to get motivated. Whether it’s the 9-5, personal projects, freelance work, or keeping Vee entertained, I find myself getting caught up in the dum dum of worry. It does happen less and less and I find myself letting go more often and wondering why I can’t do this all the time. Right now, I can feel myself sort of pulling out from this cuckoo mindset and enjoying silly things like Michael Phelps racing a “shark.” LOL did any of you watch that last night?

But back to my lack of motivation. One way I’m combating it is by giving myself a break and focusing on the little things I have accomplished in the course of a week or weekend. I love me a good list so I’m thinking of using Twitter to keep track of these things. For example, last week, I did laundry, changed the bedsheets, fixed the bathroom towel holder, put together a bathroom shelf organizer, cleaned out our vacuum (gross), organized the shoe closet (only slightly), organized Vee’s clothes, and folded the laundry. This was all done in one day while Vee was with me, people! I felt pretty invincible that day. On top of that, I started working on a 1000 piece puzzle and finished maybe a quarter of it in one sitting. Man, even typing all of this out is making me feel a lot better. I need a hashtag for these lists. Weigh in on some of the options I’m contemplating: #peetygetsshitdone, #peetyisproductive or #peetymotivates.

Let’s get to the inspiration station:

Text the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and have artwork texted back to you. Gonna try this.

An all occasions card from GFDA.

Guuuuys! The trailer to Stranger Things 2 is so good!

The brain benefits of doodling. I love articles like these.

I like this shirt from Uniqlo.

I love all the suns that Tad Carpenter has been faithfully creating and posting every Sunday.

I’m thinking making a single poster of my 100 books now that the project is complete.

A long read but Austin Kleon gets everything right in what I believe it means to be an artist and achieving “success.”

Celebrities sharing their parenting struggles and sleep deprivation caused by their children.

Wish I could see the inside of this Nightmare Before Christmas party cookbook.

On repeat: Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence.



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