Monday Inspiration | Jul 31, 2017

Last week passed by like a blur. I can recap it with only these words: sleep deprivation. I had a lot of freelance deadlines I had to meet which meant a lot of late nights for me. I feel motivated in times like that and productive, too. But looking at my average sleep on my fitbit results, I can’t help but cringe. Not good. Then came the crazy rains this area had over the weekend and I was able to for real sleep in a bit. I did more than half of my sister’s Disney puzzle she was putting together, watched old episodes of Project Runway, and it was bliss. I ended the weekend with breakfast with one of my girlfriends and listened to Audy record his latest episode for Cinema Samurai’s Film Don’t Lie Podcast.

My goals for the upcoming week are to finalize the location for Vee’s birthday party, catch up some more freelance and get a #peetyrightnow drawing done. Honestly, though, I just want to get this Fight Club poster edited, cleaned, and posted on Society6. It doesn’t seem like that stressful of a to-do list but somehow, getting it done is going to prove elusive, I’m sure.

I’m super excited about this week’s post, though. It’s bountiful in its inspiration. Enjoy!

I’m a Logistician and it’s so fucking accurate I can’t handle it. Take your own test here.

JOMO mofos! Love love love that this word exists.

This Chrome extension lets you watch Instagram Stories online.

This rug is on sale and my inner geek wants it so badly!

The anti-interview series for designers, Dumb Questions, is fun read. I like the random and silly interview questions.

IKEA, I love this! Combining food and design with IKEA foods in this way is so clever.

Beautiful explosions.

Free Adobe Illustrator brushes, people! I need to get better about utilizing these free goods.

I’ll buy any book Annie Leibovitz puts out, including this one coming out in October.

Pretty cool reveal on how Calvin Harris created “Slide.”


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