Monday Inspiration | Aug 7, 2017

IT’S AUGUST, GUYS! August. A few weeks ago, I felt like I had all the time in the world to work on summer projects, plan weekend getaways, etc. And although a lot of that has happened, I can’t help but wish I could’ve done more! Our weekends for the month of August are pretty much booked up, making it difficult to deviate from our plans but I’m sure we’ll sneak in some pool time.

I did get a chance to draw a bit more this weekend and completed a few freelance jobs, making me feel super productive. It was a good counter to the portion of the weekend I spent going down the rabbit hole of “what ifs,” that I didn’t drop the ball on any to-do item on my list, finding new ways to entertain Vee, and have more quality time with my husband. To combat this I popped on Orange is the New Black, finally finishing the season, and drew in my sketchbook until the feeling went away. I’m realizing that drawing is like meditation for me and if I don’t get the idea in my head out and onto paper, I get a bit bent out of shape. The result, though, is a wonderfully worn out sketchbook and a clear head – everybody wins!

Hope you guys had a nice weekend and with Monday almost under our belts, here’s hoping the rest of the week goes down easy, too. Inspiration time:

Embrace change, married people. Loved reading this article.

Love Hate Copy‘s work and excited about this book!

Did anyone else catch James van der Beek on Viceland’s new show, What Would Diplo Do? Check it!

I like the effortless cool of this bag.

I love this email response. I did something similar in second grade so I could have enough book reports for the Pizza Hut Book It program. I was awarded my very own personal pizza. Worth it.

Habits of highly creative people.

Excited about Adam J. Kurtz’s new book! Pre-order now, people.

It’s a lengthy article, but a good one – Don’t Sleep on the Side Project.

Yay for this pin from Easy Tiger Goods!

Pretty and FREE floral illustrations.

In the mood for some Disney princess classics on the big screen? Here’s your chance.


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