Monday Inspiration | Oct 9, 2017

The movies were our calling this past weekend. Audy and I took Vee to see My Little Pony: The Movie in theaters. She wore her Rainbow Dash hoodie and took two of her pony stuffed animals to wave around while watching the movie. I never thought as an adult I would actually get into this show. I didn’t care for it much as a kid but these ponies have got a gumption I don’t remember seeing in my childhood version. I love being able to get excited for the things she loves. It’s all about building those core memories! Continue reading

Monday Inspiration | Jul 31, 2017

Last week passed by like a blur. I can recap it with only these words: sleep deprivation. I had a lot of freelance deadlines I had to meet which meant a lot of late nights for me. I feel motivated in times like that and productive, too. But looking at my average sleep on my fitbit results, I can’t help but cringe. Not good. Then came the crazy rains this area had over the weekend and I was able to for real sleep in a bit. I did more than half of my sister’s Disney puzzle she was putting together, watched old episodes of Project Runway, and it was bliss. I ended the weekend with breakfast with one of my girlfriends and listened to Audy record his latest episode for Cinema Samurai’s Film Don’t Lie Podcast. Continue reading

Monday Inspiration | Oct 17, 2016


Last week I mentioned Bryan Cranston‘s book was released. I did end up putting Anna Karenina on the back burner so I could listen and so far – it’s so intriguing. His life was going all over the place and to hear the things he’s experienced and what life he came from is fascinating. I’m so glad I’m listening to it right now. Definitely recommend!

My husband and I went to the House of Cards walking tour yesterday hosted by the Smithsonian. It was the perfect day to be outside and walking for as long as we did. We had a healthy walk down Pennsylvania Avenue and learned about some of D.C.’s history and how it connects to House of Cards. We ended with lunch at a D.C. bbq placed, Hill Country. Drools ensued. Continue reading

Wednesday Inspiration | Oct 12, 2016


Can I just tell you how much fun I’ve been having contributing to InkTober so far? My latest addition is: This is Alex. I’ve been trying wanting to do this type of project for a while but needed a boost and Jake Parker’s InkTober prompt list was the perfect opportunity. The stories are fueled by the different sides of my personality or thoughts and giving them a name. There’s something kinda funny but also truthful about looking at aspects of my life as their own “person.” I sort of feel like this should be book. Continue reading

Monday Inspiration | Aug 15, 2016


I had a super severe case of the Mondays this morning as I was getting bloodwork drawn for my routine physical. The lady drawing my blood had the most delightful attitude for this time of day and week that I couldn’t refrain from telling her that she just gave me motivation for my day. She said to me, “Ya know, I can’t complain. I’ve got good health, a roof over my head, a job I can tolerate, and co-workers I generally like.” Totally the mindset I needed for a cuckoo bananas day like today. Thank you blood-drawer lady, for reminding me that it doesn’t take much to change your mindset. Continue reading

Tuesday Inspiration | Dec 1, 2015


It’s official. I’ve gone off the deep end when it comes to making lists. The holidays always have a way of doing this to me but I don’t know that I’d want it any other way! I always start with grand plans, taking time with cost comparisons, handmaking gifts, etc., and I usually make it halfway thru before I realize I’m running out of steam. Does that stop me from trying again every year? NOPE. And this year, of course, is no different. It started with Thanksgiving and was going okay until I realized I was forgetting little things here and there every single day despite my list making. Thank goodness for an understanding husband who picked up the most important item for me – THE ROASTING PAN! In the end, all the Thanksgiving foods turned out boooooomb and we ate our weight in turkey, delicious veggies, and pumpkin pie. Mmmmmm. Worth every calorie. Continue reading

Wednesday Inspiration | Oct 7, 2015

Have you potty trained a toddler before? No? Well, let me tell you – it’s quite exhilarating, frustrating, hilarious, but most importantly, it is EXHAUSTING. So far, it seems that Vee is taking to it like a pro so here’s hoping it stays that way. I’m also incredibly aware right now that being a parent makes GET SHIT DONE because you have no time, literally. As a result, I’m constantly filling rare spare moments with projects, cleaning, errands, etc. and am probably getting more shit done as a parent than I ever was sans child. Ah, the complexity that is life. Continue reading

Monday Inspiration | Sept 28, 2015

Forget the crisp air and changing colors on trees – the pumpkin-flavored/smelling [insert noun] phenomenon is the ultimate indicator that fall is here. As much as I love autumn, I’m not a big fan of what follows – snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Maybe that’s part of why I’m feeling the impending blues of the wintertime. I’m going to savor the mild weather for as long as I can. In the meantime, you guys send me all the good vibes I can get!

Two weekends ago, my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. It was low-key, as usual, full of movies, books (specifically the purchase of this and this) food and sleep! I love the way we celebrate because after a week of long commutes, work, cleaning up after Vee, and everyday errands, a weekend full of relaxing times with the one I love is heaven. Continue reading

Monday Inspiration | Sept 14, 2015

I went to the last Truckeroo event of the year last Friday. My parents and Vee came along and it was bomb. We ate until our bellies could no longer be persuaded to consume any more and we basked under the warmth of the beautifully sunny weather. I also started watching Mr. Robot this weekend. Binge watching is such a normal way for me to watch television that when I run out of things to watch, I go thru withdrawal. So far, I’m liking the show and can’t wait to get home to watch more tonight. Have any of you seen it?

The weekend was cool and without humidity in the DMV area, my favorite! This can only mean one thing: fall is on its way. Not only is it my favorite season but it also makes me feel like my routine is coming back. I’m all about routine and a rhythm.  Continue reading

Tuesday Inspiration | Sept 8, 2015

Excuse me while I chug my coffee.

My husband introduced me to the You Must Remember This podcast. I started with the 12-part Charles Manson story because even though I know he’s completely cuckoo fuckin’ bananas, I didn’t really know many details about how events unfolded in the way they did. Man, I started getting super freaked out by episode 10. I was so freaked out that I stopped listening because I needed to give all the sadness, crazy, insanity and depressing sounds to my eardrums a rest! I cleansed myself with a lot of Mickey Mouse with Vee… which I guess you could argue is its own kind of insanity. You can listen through the website but I’ve also been listening here.

Hope you guys had a relaxing holiday weekend. This week’s goals are to find a new hairdresser, find a dentist for Vee and get some new freelance work! Help is greatly appreciated in any of these departments.

Inspiration time:

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 8.27.39 AM

I’m checking out Truckeroo this Friday. My stomach CANNOT WAIT!

I can’t handle how awesome this mural by Timothy Goodman is.

How are you guys feeling about Google’s new logo and branding? I’m diggin’ it.

Creating a custom lock to protect your nutella? Seems totally normal.

Sidecar provides cool design stuffs for designers by designers. I love these animal icons!

I’m thinking of “sharing a skill” with Creative Mornings. You guys should look into it, too!

Add some women speakers to the mix!

Have you guys ever had zucchini soup? I’m intrigued. In an effort to eat more soup this fall/winter, I may have to try to make this.

Would you make fun of me if I wore this, this or this pin? Because I WANT THEM ALL!

Love these printable envelopes.

Finally, a Buzzfeed list that actually will make my life better (discovered on my sis-in-law‘s FB page).