Monday Inspiration | September 18, 2017

I’m finishing up this post as I’m watching the Emmy’s  and realizing how many of these shows I’ve watched over the past year. Television really does have such interesting stories and and entertainment. One of the shows I’ve heard so much about in the past was Top of the Lake. Seeing as how the new season has my girl, Gwendoline Christie, I wanted to start from the beginning. Although interesting at times, it was hard for me to sit through each episode more often than not. It just felt like it was draaaaaagging. Anyone else watch that show? What are your thoughts on it?
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Monday Inspiration | May 9, 2016


Mother’s Day weekend was so relaxing. It started with a morning at the National Aquarium. We took Vee for the first time with many weeks worth of excitement thinking that was enough preparation to go along with her already deeply embedded love of fish. NOPE. I failed to remember how dark the aquarium is in many places and that freaked her out. Only towards the tail end of our visit did she start to warm up to the surrounding water bubbles and people… lots and lots of people. Thankfully, we got out of there in the early afternoon, right when the aquarium was ripe with families and kids under our feet. I did get to touch some sting rays and JELLYFISH. So much squisy awesomeness. The latter part of the weekend was spent at my parents’ house, making Vee a paper dress, and SLEEPING. Holy crap, guys, I got a night of nine hours of sleep AND a 3-hour nap on top of that. I am a new woman and feel like I am capable of anything. Sleep truly does cure all. #blessed Continue reading

Tuesday Inspiration | Nov 3, 2015


Lately, my husband and I have been listening to a lot more podcasts at night before we go to sleep as well as during our commute, making it much more bearable. With as busy as we are between being parents, side projects, cleaning, working, commuting, etc., listening to podcasts together have made it seem like a date night. It’s relaxing, peaceful, and leaves us feeling inspired. There are a few that we both enjoy together but equally as much, a few that we’ve introduced to each other. We’ve been listening to Design Matters a lot and just listened to the interview with Timothy Goodman. It was excellent and very inspiring – well worth a listen. An interview with Michael Bierut is up now, too, so I have plans to listen to that one this week. Continue reading

Monday Inspiration | Oct 12, 2015


I’ve been listening to a lot of design podcasts and watching talks from various conferences to inspire and spur my creativity. I think it’s working. I’m angling to find the happy place that keeps me going even when all those cuckoo banana things in life pound down on my ever so fragile back. My latest source of inspiration has been Tina Roth Eisenberg. I’ve been a follower of hers for quite some time. She’s got a ton of side projects (Teux Deux, Tattly, Creative Mornings, Swiss-miss), all of which I’ve loved and then one day, realized she owned all of them! Talk about branding because clearly, she has a direct line to all things I love in design. She’s got a great sense of humor and love for making things FUN. It’s rare to find that wrapped up in one package of a human being. I recommend you listen to her interview with Debbie Millman and her talk at the 99U Conference last year. At the 99U Conference, Tina asks what your superpower is and I think mine would be Never Giving Up. I’m always looking for ways to stay creative, inspired, excited and I never stop until I find that feeling, no matter how difficult the journey. Continue reading

Tuesday Inspiration | Sept 8, 2015

Excuse me while I chug my coffee.

My husband introduced me to the You Must Remember This podcast. I started with the 12-part Charles Manson story because even though I know he’s completely cuckoo fuckin’ bananas, I didn’t really know many details about how events unfolded in the way they did. Man, I started getting super freaked out by episode 10. I was so freaked out that I stopped listening because I needed to give all the sadness, crazy, insanity and depressing sounds to my eardrums a rest! I cleansed myself with a lot of Mickey Mouse with Vee… which I guess you could argue is its own kind of insanity. You can listen through the website but I’ve also been listening here.

Hope you guys had a relaxing holiday weekend. This week’s goals are to find a new hairdresser, find a dentist for Vee and get some new freelance work! Help is greatly appreciated in any of these departments.

Inspiration time:

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 8.27.39 AM

I’m checking out Truckeroo this Friday. My stomach CANNOT WAIT!

I can’t handle how awesome this mural by Timothy Goodman is.

How are you guys feeling about Google’s new logo and branding? I’m diggin’ it.

Creating a custom lock to protect your nutella? Seems totally normal.

Sidecar provides cool design stuffs for designers by designers. I love these animal icons!

I’m thinking of “sharing a skill” with Creative Mornings. You guys should look into it, too!

Add some women speakers to the mix!

Have you guys ever had zucchini soup? I’m intrigued. In an effort to eat more soup this fall/winter, I may have to try to make this.

Would you make fun of me if I wore this, this or this pin? Because I WANT THEM ALL!

Love these printable envelopes.

Finally, a Buzzfeed list that actually will make my life better (discovered on my sis-in-law‘s FB page).

Wednesday Inspiration | Feb 25, 2015

The Oscars have come and gone and although my pick for Best Picture wasn’t chosen, I still love watching the show and seeing all the celebrities in their glitz and glamour. My Best Picture winner would’ve been Whiplash, which is out on DVD today (and I am already watching as I type this). The editing, music, acting, intensity and story was so incredibly well done. No words can truly capture how excellent this movie is. It is an absolute must watch so do your eyes and ears a favor and watch this film!

Last week, I took a couple of days off work to just relaaaax – a concept completely elusive to my mind and body, as much as I try to practice it. But this time… this time, I really treated myself and feel so much more refreshed as a result. My mini-vacay started with coffee, crackers and cheese at a bookstore so I could finish Lena Dunham’s “Not That Into You.” I left with a purchase of a new sketchbook (whose pages smell divine and are aching to be drawn on) and Steve Martin’s “Object of Beauty,” a read I’ve been wanting to pick up for forever. Still full from my breakfast, I met my husband for his lunch break and we ended up just taking a drive, huddled in the warmth of the car heater against the brutal cold wind. It was nice to talk, share our feelings, laugh, and be carefree, instead of the usual grumbles about the insane traffic, talking about Vee, or discussing how we fix this or that. It was sweet and perfect. ❤

11015646_901944203191514_1600438070_n 11017590_815941015145521_1617344482_n

I wrapped up the afternoon with a trip to Target (I mean, is a mini-vacay ever complete without entering a Target?), Paper Source and the movies! I loved rummaging the shelves of Paper Source without any pressure to leave or buy something. I ended up buying cardboard letters that spelled out V-E-E and hung them in her room after peety-izing them. They look awesome and she’s obsessed with them, too. I bought a few sets of notecards to bulk up my home card collection since it was running low. I always tell myself I’ll make cards or just give a Peety card but you know – I’m a sucker for really beautiful notecards! I can’t help it so it felt good to give myself a little treat. And then I headed to the movies to see Still Alice. Guys, this movie was incredibly moving and yes, Julianne Moore’s performance made me wipe tears away over and over. Although I still wish Rosamund Pike won for Best Actress at the Oscars, Julianne Moore was pretty incredible (stay tuned for my review coming soon to

The rest of the weekend was spent with my husband and I watching movies, tv, sleeping A LOT. Did I mention Vee stayed at my parents’ house this past weekend? 🙂 All I have to say is, an uninterrupted warm meal is definitely NOT overrated.

Inspiration time:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.51.31 AM

I don’t know about you but I love love LOVED the animation and graphics as the intro to each category and nominee. Thanks to my friend’s googling skills, I know that the man behind the art is Henry Hobson. And he is awesome (thanks for the link, Marzia!).

I am so intrigued by this 10-minute timer rule (thanks, Jorge!).

I want these bookends!

Holy crap. I most definitely have a severe case of misophonia.

I bought these lovely birthstone notecards at my trip to Paper Source. I love how unique they would feel to each recipient.

Free infographic goods – sweet!


Okay, I’d like to think I’m pretty good at Wheel of Fortune but how. the. hell?!

Speaking of word games, I have been obsessed with this app.

And speaking of apps, I really love finding out how others stay organized and on top of their shit. Check out how Bri from Design Love Fest stays with it.

Wednesday Inspiration | Jan 21, 2015

In a few days, I’ll be in Las Vegas to work a conference for my 9 – 5. I’ll be working some cuckoo hours so send some good vibes my way and hope that I’ll come back unscathed. As I’m writing this, I’m watching Gone Girl for the fifth time since this past Friday. SO good. My husband and I also watched the commentary by David Fincher – fascinating. If you’re into the making of movies and behind the scenes goods, this one does not disappoint. I’m haunted by Rosamund Pike’s performance. Those opening and closing scenes of just her face just send shivers down my spine. Also – how great is the score? Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross produce beyond what I can imagine to ever be considered a score. Their talent baffles me. Please listen to the fascinating score.

For the next few months, I’m trying to focus on smaller and attainable goals. One, to start and finish my Sketchbook Project for 2015 and to work on this blog. I really enjoy sharing my finds, thoughts and general miscellany but I haven’t been keeping up for quite some time. I have a different determination this time around so here’s hoping your inbox will have more updates on what’s going on around these parts.

Inspiration time:




The holidays are over but these holiday cards are absolutely the BEST! Really genius to swap out the ink colors for a variety of card options.

It’s the AMC Best Picture Showcase for 2015 where you can see all the films nominated for Best Picture for the Oscars in one sitting or two Saturdays.

8 million petals over Costa Rica looks just as beautiful as you would think.

Emojis as you type.

I don’t know why I’m always forgetting how to boil eggs. I’m glad Egg Watchers is around!

Yay! The 40 Days of Dating book is now available!

FINALLY. Bright Lab Lights are back in stock.

In love, in love, in love, with ICRAVE’s design space in NYC.

I need a subscription to 99U’s Quarterly. Their work always inspires me.

I never thought to use washi tape for wall projects. Maybe I need to invest in some awesome washi tape rather than wall paper.

I want all the wrapping papers. Check out this collection of the 50 most beautiful wrapping paper.

On repeat: Sugar Storm by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for Gone Girl’s soundtrack.

Monday Inspiration | Dec 8, 2014

Maaaaan, the first full week of December is over and we are just three short weeks away before we look at 2014 in our rear-view mirrors. List-making doesn’t feel like it’s keeping me organized enough – does that mean I’m overwhelmed? I hate to admit it but I think I am, just a teeny bit. I’ve made it up in my mind that this week is critical in getting back to a normal state of mind. Christmas lists are going to get organized, budgets for Christmas will be finalized, laundry will be done (one can only dream), and hopefully, I can get Vee’s old clothes and toys outta the house.


Deep breath… aaaaand exhale.

This week’s Monday Inspiration started off incredibly meaty – which I realize now was a projection of my own crazy mindset. I tried to clean things up so it was a bit more coherent. Enjoy! 🙂

Inspiration time:


Draw on your food with this spice pen. Want!

On February 27th, 2015, binge-watching will be had. Join me.

GFDA has a pretty cool 2014 holiday gift guide. This vintage paper pack is pretty awesome.

Chalkboard wrapping paper – sign me up.

Send someone a mini-banner – THIS IS SO EFFN CUTE!

I’ve been searching for a bunch of things to do with my Instagram photos. I’ve found a few affordable and promising options like this Printsagram poster and Prinkl, where I can print my Instagram photos myself (for when I’m super lazy).

Watch Yule Log is back. Love this creative and artistic alternative.

Based on my crazy week, the Passion Planner sounds like exactly what I need. Learn more about it here and get your 2015 organized.

Relaxing and simply elegant wallpaper downloads. Just beautiful.

My parents could totally use Legacy Box – really cool gift idea.

Have you heard of Kitchen Surfing? Find a local chef to come out and cook for you or your event.

I’m obsessed with these 360 shelves! I’m planning on supporting this Kickstarter and you should, too.

Great habits to steal. Coincidentally, most lists I read like this say go to bed at a decent hour and wake up early to be productive. I must must must incorporate this into my routine. 2015, man, has got to be the year of proper sleep.

How not to suck as a creative director. Truth.

Monday Inspiration – late edition | Nov 10, 2014

Hello folks. As I’m writing this, Fight Club is on TV. I’m always reminded of the first time I saw this movie. Growing up, my family occasionally dabbled in offerings of the black box. Not knowing whether we would have it for very long, we’d record movies onto VHS tapes for later viewing (ah, DVR, how I love you so). I took the Fight Club recording to our vacation at the beach and watched it with my cousin. Unbeknownst to me, the ending went unseen because the tape ran out right before the big revelation in the movie was revealed. My movie knowledge wasn’t very extensive at the time so I couldn’t even gather how it ended and that’s how I lived for years – not knowing but thinking I did. So, the first time I saw the movie in its entirety, my mind was blown – not because the ending was that radical but because I had lived for years thinking this movie was totally different.

Speaking of movies, anyone getting excited about Oscar season? This weekend, my husband and I are celebrating his birthday the only way we know how – by watching movies! Because he’s always watching movies for, he’s recommending what we should see and right now, they include Interstellar and Whiplash (which he reviewed here). What have you guys seen recently?

Inspiration time:JoyDivision_UnknownPleasures

Joy Division’s album cover was inspired by a data visualization?!

These altered and illustrated movie posters are hilarious! Reddit really can deliver some gems (thanks for sharing, Jorge!)

Amazon Prime customers get unlimited cloud storage for photos!

I’m getting a little psyched about Christmas. I bought all kinds of wrapping paper at my weekend trip to Ikea.

I’m obsessing over wallpaper and vinyl decals. I love the options from Chasing Paper.

I love this arrow fabric by Jessica Jones (How About Orange)! I want a dress made from it for Vee.

They get distracted easily, but rarely feel bored. This and other wildly accurate traits of introverts – at least for me.

Yay! Instagram allows for caption editing.

The sketchbook and notebook for thinkers from Baron Fig.

My messy desk is here to stay.

Invitation to the set of Girls, season 4.

40 hidden messages in logos.

Monday Inspiration | May 5, 2014

I finally got to cook this weekend, thanks to! In one of my past Monday Inspiration’s, I posted my referral link for and I hope you guys took advantage of it because I can’t recommend it enough. You can see my weekend meals here and here. Other than that, Vee really took it out of me and my husband but we still managed to get out of the house Saturday night for a few hours. It’s always nice to change the routine up a bit.

Also, next week, I will be in Boston for the HOW Design Live Conference! I haven’t attended since 2008 so I’m extremely excited to be around my peers, be in a different city, be inspired, and spend some much needed time with my husband! I will share fun stuff happening there so make sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, if you’re not already. Hope you guys had a good weekend! Here’s this week’s inspiration:


Digital papercut illustrations = mind blown.

If you have more free time than usual, take the time to watch these amazing animations from the students in CalArts’ Character Animation Program.

Guess what? There still happen to be things in life NOT available on the app store. Let people know with this sticker or print your own.

Mmmm, to make my coffee taste a little sweet. 😉

HA! Check out these Photoshop eraser stickers all over London.

Animated movie posters. Reminds me of the animated newspaper images in Harry Potter.

102 Hours is a really interesting site that chronicles the time during and after the Boston Marathon bombing. Really cool iconography and idea.

I’ve been listening to this song by Cherub on repeat.

Tiny characters interacting with real life objects. Adorable!