Monday Inspiration | Jul 20, 2015

Our fam has been battling colds, coughs, toddler doctor visits, and incredibly rainy, muggy weather that’s been fucking up everything from sinuses to any comfortable outdoor plans. I’m hoping this past weekend was the last of any of us being sick for a long time because there’s not much we can do with this wackado weather. As soon as the cloud of sickness began to dissipate this past weekend, my husband and I had movie date nights from the comfort of our bed, my favorite <3. One of the movies we watched was Ex Machina and I can’t get this crazy dance scene out of my mind. I’ve watched it way too many times – DOESN’T OSCAR ISAAC CREEP YOU OUT?!

On another note, we’ve planned our family vacation to the beach. To say I am excited is an extreme understatement. I haven’t been on a vacation where I actually go somewhere in over three years. I’m pretty stoked about taking Vee to the beach, too. It’ll be her first time and sort of an unofficial birthday celebration. Which reminds me, I am probably going to be purchasing this life-size Goofy to surprise her for her birthday. I’m sort of obsessed with this idea – which means Vee better squeal with delight because as much as I like A Goofy Movie, I refuse to have been watching it night after night for nothing.

Inspiration time:


Fries before guys, people.

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Peety Interviews: Wendy Lee Oldfield

Peety Interviews is a series that aims to highlight unique artists of all types and their creative process while learning something from and about them along the way.

I asked Wendy if she would be part of the Peety Interviews series after discovering her on Instagram thru #the100dayproject. I love her topic, #100daysofbeingnice, and found myself eagerly awaiting her wonderfully handlettered posts coupled with sweet illustrations. Naturally, I did a bit of online stalking and found out she co-authored one of my favorite creative exercise books, Caffeine for the Creative Mind! I was equally thrilled when she agreed to be part of my little corner of the internet. Settle in, grab your coffee, and get ready to dive into a meaty interview with the lovely Wendy.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 11.05.01 PM



I love your unique theme for #the100dayproject. How did you pick it?
Thank you! There are two factors that contributed to my theme choice. The first is that I want to be a nicer person. I don’t think that I’m an outwardly mean person, but I do have an internal voice that’s a little harsh and judgemental at times. Sometimes that internal voice will surface to the exterior when my fuse is running short (yes, I have yelled out a couple of choice words when someone has cut me off on the freeway). I thought that perhaps if I tried to focus on doing one nice thing for someone every day that I could maybe extend my fuse’s length and be a little less judgey. Continue reading

Peety Interviews: The Little Red Door

Peety Interviews is a series that aims to highlight unique artists of all types and their creative process while learning something from and about them along the way.

The Little Red Door is run by the insanely talented Toni, whose personality and sense of humor is just as awesome as her fantastic clay goods. She is celebrating 7 years on Etsy (holy crap!) and is generously offering 30% off orders through the end of March with checkout code ‘AWESOME.’ Score! So get to it and check out her shop on Etsy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.20.48 PMBlog_Vector-01

Give us the skinny on The Little Red Door.
How did you come to make your iconic clay houses?
I was about to start cleaning up from a day’s pottery work. On the table before me were little lumps of clay and I noticed one faintly resembled a house. I squared up the edges and etched a roof line & door into the front, and voilà: my very first house was created. Then I made all my other clay scraps into houses and lined them up in front of me. I remember looking at these tiny houses for a very long time and thinking “Hmm.” And then I thought “I’m going to make a million of these.”

How did you settle on the name, The Little Red Door?
I wanted a brand name not necessarily indicating ceramics as I wanted the option to sell any of my creations under it regardless of their format. Nothing like “clay ___ by ___.” It took me forever to decide. The first houses I made were all glazed similarly and when they came out of the kiln my friend squealed how cute they were with “their little red doors.” That stuck in my head and I went with it. Looking back I have to laugh hard and say a little prayer of thanks that I did not go with “Handmade For You by ToniLou”. Continue reading