Wednesday Inspiration | Aug 30, 2017

Summer is on its way out and I’m looking back at it so fondly. This is the first time where I feel like every weekend was filled with our leisurely pace of happiness. Pool lounging, slurpees, late night Krispy Kreme trips, water parks, eating dinner on the patio with nothing but the sound of the woods around us, and visiting with friends. For the last three years, we’ve ended our summer with an annual family beach trip and a birthday celebration for Vee. It was just as lovely this year as it has been in the past. She’s turning four tomorrow, man. FOUR. I remember pouring out my worries to my friend while I was pregnant, eventually admitting, “I hope she’s cool.” That’s all I wanted – a cool kid that I could laugh and hang out with. So far, my hope has been realized (mainly because she isn’t a teenager, yet). She loves dance parties, sings the Game of Thrones theme song, devours sour patch kids, plays make believe with her action figures, laughs at The LEGO Batman Movie, likes to sleep and cuddle in bed, and makes up her own words to songs. This probably isn’t that different from any other soon to be 4-year-old but without having anything to compare this to except for her younger self, she’s making good on my wish for her to be cool. Continue reading

Monday Inspiration | Aug 1, 2016


August freakin’ one. It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to you guys. Quite a few changes have happened for my fam in the last month which is why Monday Inspiration has been M.I.A. One thing I’ve learned to be true about myself and can finally admit – I am NOT good with sudden change. If I know a change is coming, I guess I can prepare for it but I’m still the worst worrier known to mankind. However, if a change comes outta the dark and blindsides me?! I am out of commission for at least a few weeks. My insides are churning at this concession but I can’t deny it at any longer – I HATE CHANGE. My husband always has an amazing way to give me strength and although it sounds simple everyone else, he knows what I need to hear to help me pick myself back up. So, right now, our mantra is: Ride the Wave. Simple, right? But right now, those words are giving me LIFE. Continue reading

Monday Inspiration | Nov 16, 2015


What’s up, friends? These last two weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions. Rather than go thru everything, here is a recap of the ranting side and grateful side of the last 14 days. On top of that, all the insanity happening in the world has me reeling back in all kinds of emotions. All I can think to do is send good vibes into the world and continue to hope for a better world for the next generation. Hoping all of you out there are safe and your loved ones are, too. Continue reading

Monday Inspiration | Jan 27, 2013

I have been working on so many projects this month that Peety Draws keeps getting put on the back burner. I did do a little bit of catching up and finally got an email list subscription up and running. So, if you never want to miss another Caption Contest or sale announcement again, sign up here! You have my promise I won’t get spammy. 🙂



Victor Nunes‘ quirky illustrations and Javier Perez‘s Instagram project prove you don’t need to have much to be creative.

I love love love these photo books from Artisan State. Beautiful!

Occupation preoccupations.

Pattern Library might be my major obsession this week. All the patterns shall be mine and for freeeeeeee!

I would love to warm up in front of this everyday.

What are you afraid of? See others’ deep dark fear thru illustrations in this tumblr.

5by is your video concierge and will find videos on the internets for you to watch based on your mood. Also available in the App Store and Google Play. Pretty cool.

How to Lead a Creative Life.

Who doesn’t love inspirational quotes? My fave:

“Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.” – Howard Aiken

I want this movie quote poster! Only $19?! Add to cart, please!

Cool time-waster.

This is an awesome list of resources for web and graphic designers a like.

Jimmy Marble Banners

I love discovering artists who find ways to create what they love and use their “lack of skill” to their advantage. I was catching up on reading DesignLoveFest‘s blog this week and had to share Bri’s post on Jimmy Marble. Take a minute to scroll thru the post and watch the video towards the bottom or check it out here.

I loved Marble’s explanation for how his banners came into existence. Who says you need a graphic design background to create something beautiful? His love of advertising copy and poster design led him to create these beautifully graphic banners full of optimism. Kudos to him for creating something his OWN way – and super rad.

Behind the Mini-Peety Drawing: #638

Mini-Peety Drawing #638’s caption reads, “Be Fearless.” It was directly inspired by a Dove chocolate wrapper I saved and pinned to the wall of my cubicle at work. I pinned it on the wall slightly to the right of my computer monitor so when my eyes wander from frustration, annoyance, boredom or in search of inspiration, I’ll find these encouraging words.

There were days my eyes glazed over these words – days when they sounded like gibberish, days when all I saw was crumpled chocolate wrapper foil. This day, however, this day, I read these two words and immediately felt empowered. All of a sudden, this barely 2″x 2″ wrapper gave me permission to be confident. Despite the other signs and motivational words covering my cubicle walls, this one stood out to me the most.

On days you’re told to be someone you’re not: Be Fearless.

When you’re second-guessing your ideas and creativity: Be Fearless.

If you feel like you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel: BE FEARLESS.

This day’s Mini-Peety Drawing was a no-brainer. I hope you or someone you share this drawing with will feel a small fraction of warmth I felt when reading these words. Be Fearless. Two simple words that somehow hold so much power. Now go be the badass you know you are.

Wes Anderson’s Handwriting


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To me it’s sort of like handwriting. I’ve sort of developed my own handwriting and with each movie I want to make a different setting or world for the story, but, at the same time, as much as I feel like I’m doing something completely different in terms of the world, I don’t want to force myself to change my handwriting.

– Wes Anderson (on his recognizable directorial and artistic style)

I love this quote from Wes Anderson in an interview on I think all artists are in search of their “style” but referring to it as handwriting feels like you’re already halfway there in solidifying it. Have you found your handwriting, yet?

Read the entire Wes Anderson interview here and check out his latest movie, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ in theaters now.