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Monday Inspiration | Nov 19, 2012

Good morning, friends! I don’t know about you, but I’m getting super excited for Thanksgiving. This past weekend, I diligently went thru my recipe books, made my ingredient list and went shopping. If there’s one thing I love, it’s some good eatin’. Hope you guys had a great weekend. Let’s get some inspiration pumped into those veins!

Check out these badass stainless steel iPhone Cases. Upload your own art for a custom case! This would make a really awesome Christmas gift.

Bizarre holiday cards from Unusual Cards.

I follow Jon Carling on Facebook and love whenever his drawings and illustrations show up in my newsfeed. His drawings are available for purchase on Etsy.

I’m kinda diggin’ these wall art cut-outs, especially as mirrors.

What do YOU do with your post-its?

What a great idea! Everyone needs a comfort box as a reminder of how awesome they are.

I’m loving House Industries’ website. Their use of font on these items is so graphic – I love it. I really like the illustration treatment of their bio page, too.

Digging these posts with witty/sassy quotes and phrases.

And because I care that everyone has good food on Thanksgiving, please use Alton Brown’s recipe when preparing your Thanksgiving turkey. I’ve been using it for at least the last 5 – 6 years and it comes out PERFECT every time.

This is why I hate ppl #30.

Caption Contest

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Mark your calendars. The last Friday of every month is Caption Contest day over at the Peety Draws Facebook page. It’s simple, really. I draw a Peety original, you comment on the drawing with an amazingly awesome caption, at which point, I pick a winner when the contest ends.

I love when the Caption Contest rolls around because I really enjoy the different ways people interpret my drawings. The main reason I love it, though, is that I have an opportunity to give a little something back to people that support Peety Draws. It’s amazing that my little daily drawings have impacted so many people. What better way to show my appreciation than a Peety Draws freebie! 🙂

Oh and whaddya know – today is the last Friday of the month. You know what means: it’s Caption Contest Friday! Show me the best ya got for this month’s drawing.

I’m a Tim Burton Fan

Tim Burton piece exhibited at MoMA in 2010.

As early as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with Tim Burton. I still vividly remember the first time I saw ‘Nightmare Before Christmas,’ completely in awe of his imagination. I’ve been told a number of times my drawings remind them of Tim Burton. I always take this as a compliment because his artwork had a big impact on me at a young age. In a way, Peety Draws grew from the the fascination of Tim Burton movies.

A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to check out the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA and was blown away by wall after wall full of sketches, doodles and drawings he did early on in his life. The amount of rejection he must have gone thru to get to where he is now – it’s incredible. It encouraged me to believe in my creative expression because one day, it’ll pay off in a way I could never have imagined. Recently, that belief was reignited after watching this video tribute to Tim Burton created by Martin Woutisseth.

Tim Burton is a constant reminder of what I love about art and drawing. He helps me see things as a child once again and inspires me to continue doing what I love. Most importantly, his art helps me believe that one day, I’ll be recognized for doing something I sketched, doodled and drew as a kid. If you have a dream you’re slowing working towards right now, take a few minutes to soak in the happiness of a memory that inspired you to pursue it. Refuel that dream and don’t ever forget it.

Behind the Mini-Peety Drawing: #592

When I began posting my “Mini-Peety Drawing a Day,” they served two purposes: 1) an everyday outlet that allowed me to create my own art and 2) drive daily traffic to the Peety Draws’ Facebook. Occasionally, I’ll hear feedback from fans, friends and family on how my daily drawing fit their mood exactly for that day. I love that these little scribbles have taken on a life of their own and encapsulate a feeling echoed by many.

I thought it’d be cool to give a little insight on some of my daily drawings and how I decided to post a certain sentence/phrase for that day. First up, #592: “Be Responsible for Your Mistakes and Your Successes.”

I was reading an article online (I think it was Huffington Post), that discussed how women take responsibility for mistakes they make at work and in their personal lives without hesitation and try to correct them quickly and efficiently. However, when it came to their successes, they were not as forthcoming and accepting of their own achievements. Instead, they downplayed it to a simple, “oh, thanks” and shrug of the shoulders. I realized I did this, too. But why? Sure, you want to be humble instead of expecting applause for every awesome thing you do in life, but there shouldn’t be a double-standard for taking responsibility for your success. You worked hard for it – so celebrate accordingly.

I made this drawing for anyone else who needed a reminder to be just as responsible for their successes as they are for their mistakes. You’re effn awesome so embrace it. 🙂

Behind the Art: Guardian of the Infinite Abyss

Guardian of the Infinite Abyss, by Peety Draws

Movies are a big part of my drawings and design. Guardian of the Infinite Abyss is inspired by the movie ‘Garden State’ starring Zach Braff and Natalie Portman. If you haven’t seen it, check out the trailer here.

The film follows Andrew Largeman (Zach Braff) on his return home to attend his mother’s funeral. I saw this movie in theaters and fell in love with the engaging storyline enhanced by the amazing soundtrack – pretty sure I had it on repeat for at least six months. The most impactful scene for me in this movie was when Andrew and his friends (Natalie Portman and Peter Sarsgaard) go on a bit of a treasure hunt, tracking down a necklace that belonged to his mother. Their journey leads them to a quarry where they befriend Albert, referred to as the “guardian of the infinite abyss.” This was also the most inspirational scene for Zach Braff’s character.

Well after the movie was over, I kept repeating that phrase in my head. It sounded like a line of poetry: inspirational, gentle and epic at the same time. Using  the words “infinite” and “abyss” together made me think of circles – no end and no beginning. I immediately felt the need to create a visual and so, enter: Guardian of the Infinite Abyss by Peety Draws.