Monday Inspiration | Jul 24, 2017

This summer has been a particularly difficult one to get motivated. Whether it’s the 9-5, personal projects, freelance work, or keeping Vee entertained, I find myself getting caught up in the dum dum of worry. It does happen less and less and I find myself letting go more often and wondering why I can’t do this all the time. Right now, I can feel myself sort of pulling out from this cuckoo mindset and enjoying silly things like Michael Phelps racing a “shark.” LOL did any of you watch that last night? Continue reading

Monday Inspiration | Dec 15, 2014

The Christmas spirit hasn’t totally made it’s way to me completely. The tree is up. The tinsel is glistening. The house is strung with lights. It still somehow doesn’t feel like Christmas (this pretty much sums me up). Our little family has seen a lot of changes this year and I think we’re still in a haze of sleep deprivation and exhaustion. Getting out to do anything festive requires a lot of extra energy and patience, too, because the traffic is always worse than usual around here. On my husband’s wonderful spur of the moment suggestion, though, we went out for a drive Saturday evening to seek out houses decked out in their most festive light show. We both grew up doing this with our own families, so to do this with Vee was very nostalgic and sweet. We listened to Christmas music on the way and didn’t hear Last Christmas at all – BLASPHEMY! She fell asleep for a bit in the car giving my husband and I some time to actually talk uninterrupted and it turned out to be exactly what we needed. We found a few select houses that impressed us but I was more taken back with an unassuming teeny adorable library sitting right in the middle of a neighborhood that we want to visit when open. We also came across this scary ass house on top of a mini hill in the normal neighborhood that looked straight out of any horror movie you’ve seen – definitely hair-standing-up-on-your-neck kind of scary. We got the hell outta there fast.

Speaking of Vee, she’s always so enamored with the lettered magnets on our fridge. I’m not sure why I didn’t think to put them on the lower half of the fridge so she could play with them until now – but man am I glad I did. I found her singing and placing the magnets on the fridge ever so decisively and it ended up like this:

10843885_369267059864525_274481816_nI see it as her harnessing the design side of her brain and embracing white space. <3. We also watched Guardians of the Galaxy a bajillion times. I can’t get enough of that movie or soundtrack. What are you guys doing to get into the Christmas spirit? Gifts wrapped and ready to go? I’m going to try and get things organized this weekend, along with a trip for Vee to visit Santa Claus, so wish me luck!

Inspiration time:

Anyone else sad Sonic Highways is over? For those who watched, and more importantly, for those that didn’t, read my article about it on

Thank you, Aziz Ansari. Now I’m not the only one whose Christmas playlist looks like this.

Have you seen the trailer for Pixar’s new movie, Inside Out? I really want to see this!

Made in the Middle celebrates design people and good in Kansas City. Thanks to Tad Carpenter for making this happen.

Did you guys check out my first Peety animated gif?!

I want this book! It would make a great gift this Christmas.

A fucking well-designed life. This was a good read.

Okay. I’m obsessed with Buy Me Brunch. There are quite a few t-shirts from here that I would rock.

Thank goodness for doodling – making this weather forecast the most interesting one, ever.

This custom letter banner could come in handy.

Robot food christmas packaging. I’m drooling at how pretty.

Monday Inspiration – late edition | Jun 11, 2014

I’ve been inspired by so many things – too many things, in fact, that it’s making it difficult to focus on just one thing. I think that’s part of my why my “Monday Inspirations” have been struggling to get posted. Sometimes too much inspiration without focus makes it difficult to meet my goals. I’ve still got the HOW Design Live conference sessions in my head, excerpts from books I’ve been reading, and good TV all motivating me in different ways. Within the last week, I’ve starting putting numbers together for myself on what it would take to repopulate my Etsy shop and enter Crafty Bastards – FINALLY! I’m really hoping it’ll come together and I’ll get my stuff back out in the public. I’ve really been dragging my ass with this and it’s time that changed!

As I’m putting the finishing touches on this post, I’m watching Louie. Does anyone else watch this show? It is one of my favorite shows to watch right now. It’s so well-done, funny, honest and thought-provoking all at the same time. I highly advise anyone with a sense of humor to get on this show with the quickness. As a comedian, Louis C.K. is reminding me how you can create something so well-done when you put in the time and effort. Time to refocus!

Inspiration time:


Love love love this illustrated book by Tad Carpenter, “Ninja, Ninja Never Stop.” And while you’re at it, check out his interview on Pencil vs Pixel.

Don’t break the chain! Inspiring read with advice from Jerry Seinfeld. I am trying to live my life by this philosophy.

Get your fill of toys thru Nerd Block.

Anyone watching Halt and Catch Fire? I’m digging the opening sequence.

For the love of data.

Creativity exercises to conquer blocks and burnout.

Listen to Samuel L. Jackson read your “Go the F— to Sleep” on

Yay! Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is back next week!

My friend and co-worker, Marzia Motta, has a book she wrote and illustrated available for purchase on Amazon! I love being inspired by people that surround me everyday. 🙂

Check out this animation, “Helium Harvey.”

Interesting read on The Science of Comic Sans. Don’t worry – other fonts are also discussed.

On repeat: Marvin Gaye, “I Want You.”

Monday Inspiration | Dec 30, 2013

Say whaaat?! It’s the last week of 2013, peeps! How’s that resolution list coming along? I took a look at mine from last year and even though my list wasn’t grand in any way, I realized I accomplished a lot more than I realized. Granted, a lot changed once I found out I was expecting, causing my goals for 2013 to change dramatically. But they just changed to revolve around Vee. For example, “baking more” was replaced by drinking boatloads of water per doctor’s orders; home DIY projects equaled me nesting; and snailmailing was replaced by me writing her letters to read when she grows up. With the exception of picking up with “Know Your Sole” I’m happy to report I did much more on my resolution list than I was expecting. ::: High five! ::: This year, I’m taking the same approach of working towards goals that make me a happier person. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I’m putting together my list right now and will share them on New Year’s Day.

It’s either the leftover high of Christmas or the impending clean slate we’re all about to receive for 2014 – but I’m feeling extremely inspired. Check out the inspiration goods below:


These hand-drawn animated gifs are AWESOME!

Very cool re-illustrated posters for movies of the past 50 years.

I love relearning how to do things in Illustrator. Here’s how to create a comic-style text or a geometric pattern.

Mine is “shopaholic.” What word was invented and added to the dictionary in your birth year?

Seven ways to boost your creativity.

All I want to do is design barcodes now.

My favorite interview question asked of me was, “What type of fruit would you be, and why?” Check out this pretty entertaining post about favorite interview questions.

Alright. These 1-year-old birthday invitations put all parents to shame. I can’t help but drool over them.

Sometimes, I want to be Tad Carpenter… okay, almost all of the time I want to be Tad Carpenter.

This mug from KinaCeramicDesign makes me want to put Peety stuff on all things ceramic!

Saul Bass is my favorite. Check out every movie poster he’s ever created.