Monday Inspiration | Oct 9, 2017

The movies were our calling this past weekend. Audy and I took Vee to see My Little Pony: The Movie in theaters. She wore her Rainbow Dash hoodie and took two of her pony stuffed animals to wave around while watching the movie. I never thought as an adult I would actually get into this show. I didn’t care for it much as a kid but these ponies have got a gumption I don’t remember seeing in my childhood version. I love being able to get excited for the things she loves. It’s all about building those core memories! Continue reading

Monday Inspiration | Jun 27, 2016

Laundry laundry laundry all weekend looooong. But I am almost done and it’s thrilling to see the bottom of my laundry hamper. I also made a dent in Season 4 of OITNB this weekend. I thought the season started off kind of boring, same ol’ same ol’. But it’s got my full on attention now. Are any of you watching? I also went to see The Neon Demon. Holy shit, man. Visually, it’s just dropping with such luscious color and texture. I wanna sop it up with some bread and devour it. The movie itself, however… I’ll let my husband put it into words when he writes his review on it for I still can’t process what my eyeballs endured. Continue reading

Tuesday Inspiration | Mar 10, 2015

The last two weeks included a visit to Hot Spot, a Bush concert with my sister (kickin’ it back to my ’90s music love), taking Vee to her first toy store, binge-watching House of Cards and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix, making mini-pizzas for nom nom time and much coffee to keep up since Daylight Saving Time is kicking my butt this time around. How are you guys holding up?

And what did you think of House of Cards? My husband and I finished it the weekend it came out. I know many people who are still plowing through the season so I won’t give anything away. I will only say that I preferred the first two seasons to this one. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the new one from Tina Fey. It’s only 13 episodes, about a half hour each, so that one was easy for us to consume on a Saturday night. It was pretty funny and Ellie Kemper’s delivery is really good. The show is very much in the same vein of 30 Rock so if you were fans of that show, chances are you may like this one.

Vee’s birthday is six months away (HOLY SHIT, WHAT?!) and she will be turning 2-years-old. To say she’s obsessed with Mickey Mouse is an understatement. If she’s still into him and the rest of the Mickey gang by the time her birthday rolls around, my husband and I are playing around with the idea of a Mickey themed party. I made “Find Vee” favors last year that included facts about foods she liked, what words she was trying to say, her favorite stuffed animal, etc. But this time around, I’m thinking of doing something a little more in-depth, like a Mickey-themed annual report favor based on her exponential growth and progress this past year. It would be a fun design project for me, full of infographic-style illustrations that may or may not include facts about how many times a day she likes to jump on to and off of furniture (all day, erryday) and which of her books get the most love (Pantone Colors and Corduroy right now). Still just thoughts… let’s see what I can do with that evasive little thing called time. 🙂

Let’s get to it. Inspiration time:

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.32.53 PM


Each Disney movie has been illustrated by Rafael Mayani. I want to own each and every one in print form, even the ones I haven’t seen. Check out his site for more amazing goods here.

Wes Anderson’s use of red and yellow. Equally as impressive is Wes Anderson: Centered.

Check out my review of Still Alice starring Julianne Moore who won an Oscar for her performance in this film.

I’ve made a couple batches of these mini-pizzas and they are so damn good!

I just purchased this font. It’s so preeeeetty.

I started using Wunderlist. It’s taking some time for me to get used to it but so far, I’m diggin’ it.

My two loves combined.

Turning 30 described in charts and graphs. Extremely accurate and very funny.

Just in case you needed to be reminded how awesome Drive is, check out the opening credits. And if it’s your first time watching them, shame on you. Ugly baby judges you.

Oh, hello animated gifs straight from my phone’s keyboard!

This video with Jessica Hische and Laura Victore talk about being pregnant, their work, and future totally resonated with me now that I have a child.

I hope to have the strength this mother did for her daughter if I’m ever called upon like that with mine.

On repeat: Whiplash’s Caravan. I’LL CUE YOU IN!!! My fellow Whiplash fans will know what I’m talking about. \m/ \m/

Monday Inspiration | Jan 20, 2013

Man, the last couple weekends have been absolutely fantastic. Between me turning 30 and watching a boatload of movies in preparation for the Oscars, I couldn’t be happier! My husband and I basked in the glow of the Best Picture nominees this weekend. We have quite a few more to watch before we’ve seen all nine, but we’re almost there.

I also worked on some freelance design projects and played a lot with Vee. She’s getting to be awesomely hilarious. Her facial expressions are priceless. My husband and I are working on a fun photo project with her. Once we build up a library of photos, we’ll share ’em with you guys so you can see what we’ve been working on! Sigh, I wish all weekends could be like this. Tell me what you guys have been up to in the comments!

Let’s get inspired, peeps:


Speaking of the Oscars, they were just rebranded.

Snag some free goods at 55 Hi’s.

Learn the ways of the Kindness Ninja. Then, download the cards to execute said learnings (thanks for sharing this link, Jorge!)

Who else is excited about Wes Anderson’s new film, The Grand Budapest Hotel?

More movie goodness: how Spike Jonze pieced together the inspiration for Her and everything else you wanted to know.

Shortcuts on your iPhone. Duh. Why didn’t I think to do this?

I want this personalized Venn Diagram print but in cushion form.

Maybe this card could accompany that Venn Diagram cushion making for a great Valentine’s Day gift.

We’re planning on keeping the office Christmas tree up year round and decorate it for each holiday. I’m thinking of making a string of these 3D origami hearts.

What great branding for Kigo Kitchen!

Wes Anderson’s Handwriting


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To me it’s sort of like handwriting. I’ve sort of developed my own handwriting and with each movie I want to make a different setting or world for the story, but, at the same time, as much as I feel like I’m doing something completely different in terms of the world, I don’t want to force myself to change my handwriting.

– Wes Anderson (on his recognizable directorial and artistic style)

I love this quote from Wes Anderson in an interview on I think all artists are in search of their “style” but referring to it as handwriting feels like you’re already halfway there in solidifying it. Have you found your handwriting, yet?

Read the entire Wes Anderson interview here and check out his latest movie, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ in theaters now.